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Interview on the Sprouting Photographer Podcast: “Your photography website as a multiplier of your work”

Having been noticed for some of my recent articles on ForegroundWeb, I was honored to be invited and interviewed on the show. And it was a fantastic experience for me, I can tell you that!

This is the only photography podcast to be featured by Apple as “Best of iTunes 2014”, so if you haven’t yet subscribed to it in iTunes, I recommend you do that right now. The podcast is full of actionable business tips for professional photographers and many interesting interviews with industry experts.

Happy to see my ideas reaching a larger audience and hope you get some useful notes out of the interview:


Bryan and I had a good chat about photography websites, and we covered a ton of important topics, all about photo websites:

  • What makes a good photography website
  • Watermarking, and focusing on the user experience rather than image theft
  • The importance of your “About” page.
  • How to make an efficient Contact page and how hiding your contact information can hurt your business.
  • What to consider when designing your website galleries
  • How to format your images to optimize their performance, and the  impact of having large images on your website
  • Improving SEO by keywording your images
  • Responsive design and how it improves a mobile user’s experience
  • Being intentional about your website design with things like larger font sizes, line height/spacing, whether to host your blog on your website, etc
  • Organizing your homepage for first-time visitors
  • Photography web-design trends

Listen to the interview

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