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The story of
Alex Vita and ForegroundWeb

Alex Vita portrait

ForegroundWeb is a cozy web design studio and educational website run by me, Alex Vita,
on a mission to improve photography websites out there.

I'm all about honest web-design services and content to help you build a thriving photography business!

Were you expecting a larger team? Sorry to disappoint, this is a one-man business.
And I pride myself in always have a one-on-one personal connection with my web-design clients.

Ben von Wong
"Alex is a really solid designer that I have the opportunity to work & collaborate with on a regular basis. Specialized in tweaking photographer websites, he has a great understanding of WordPress, is fast, reliable, fair and communicative. Really impressed by how fast he works." (Ben von Wong, epic photographer & social influencer, US)
Jack Hollingsworth
"If you are a photographer and looking for help in building a killer, responsive website - look no further! The best here! Alex is a custom website builder that understands photographers. And nice job on this newsletter - so much interesting content, it got my head spinning." (Jack Hollingsworth, iPhone photography expert, US)

I'll take your online presence to the next level

If you run a photography website or blog, you're probably looking for more clients and better ways to professionally showcase and sell your photography work. You also know that a great website can help you find work and raise your prices over time, like a marketing engine.

But what's the purpose of it all? You want the freedom to do what you love, to infuse your personality into MORE MEANINGFUL photo projects.

Splashing a coat of paint on a half-baked site theme won't cut it anymore, there are millions of hobbyists already doing that. With ForegroundWeb, I want to give you the clarity & tools to differentiate yourself.

I only craft websites for photographers and agencies

My skills are fine-tuned, I specialize in photography websites and offer affordable services and a personal connection with you (collaboration & "hand-holding" have become part of the work), so you never feel lost in the shuffle. No big-agency crap!

I believe that photographers should focus more on the art and craft of photography, and have to worry less about the technical details of their online presence. Or at least learn how to do it themselves by using the right tools & strategies and by focusing on quality instead of quantity.

Working with me is all about a clear, productive & fun collaboration to improve your online presence, to get your site customized & launched smoothly.

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I'll give you
the clarity
to go further

My super-power: thinking outside the box and seeing the overall picture. Everywhere I worked in the past, I was usually brought in to make sense of the whole situation and find a path through the fog.

With this skill, I help photographers structure their websites and prioritize what needs to be done (aka figuring out the tasks that would make the most impact instead of just doing thoughtless "busy" work).

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I always try to write & share meaningful content

Every week I send out the ForegroundWeb Newsletter with actionable tips and articles, all about photography websites. You'll see that I like writing in-depth content that leaves no stone unturned.

And if you truly want to take your photography business to the next level, download
my free PDF guides and checklists, and learn from them at your convenience.


Steve Greer
"Alex helped me greatly during the conceptual process, all the while understanding the market my work is geared for, and he made sure I stayed on track to keep the SEO gods happy. He basically laid out a road map." (Steve Greer, US)
Patrick Khachfe
"He takes great care at getting the finer details right, as well as looking at the big picture, I've already gone back to Alex for a couple of projects. My site's functionality and inbound traffic has doubled ever since Alex handled the redevelopment." (Patrick Khachfe, "Onside Images" Sports Agency, UK)

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The full story:
This is who I am and what I stand for...

Here's my background (and how it's relevant)

Author portrait

I'm Alex, 33 years old, living in Bucharest (Romania) with my much better half and our tail-chasing cat.
I have a degree in Computer Science, but I'm mostly self‑taught, low-tempered and optimistic.

I was always really attracted to photography and spent a few years doing that after my graduation and a few other jobs. I vividly remember how difficult it was to explain to my folks why I was no longer pursuing the security of a regular office job.

I built my own photography studio and devoured all the articles and books about photography gear and technique. Also shot a few weddings and portrait session to make a living.

But I slowly transitioned to working with photographers on their website, and have been doing that ever since (I've now worked with hundreds of photographers from over 20 countries). Since 2009, I've worked with everything from beginner photographers to full-time pros and large agencies. I founded ForegroundWeb in May 2014, and I love running my own business, I'm pretty much unemployable now.

I deeply understand the struggles of running your own business and trying to promote your best work out into the world. And I think I can understand how an artists' mind works sometimes, or at least relate to it, and this has helped me in my interactions with professional photographers over the years.

I'm from Romania.

Yes, Romania. Not the US, not a rich European country either.

Romania is quite a poor & corrupt country and generally seen with bad eyes throughout the world, I get that. But I'm here to also try to change that perspective a little. The country has some breathtaking places to visit. Romanians have invented many products we use today. We have very famous sports personalities (you might have heard of Nadia Comaneci who got a perfect 10 in gymnastics, Ilie Nastase - #1 in tennis, and Hagi if you're a soccer fan). And we have incredibly talented and smart Romanians throughout all major universities and companies.

Not (necessarily) trying to associate myself with them, just saying that people have bad preconceptions sometimes, and you need to look beyond them.

This is what I'm passionate about

First and foremost, I'm in love with photography. Otherwise, I wouldn't be working with photographers.

Honing your skills at such a beautiful form of art is difficult enough, but having to deal with all the technical aspects is often overwhelming to many photographers.

I'm here to help with all those aspects, letting you return to the core of your business: shooting great images.

My BS-filters are finely tuned

In everything I do, I want to be helpful and to encourage kindness.

So I choose not to work with people who come with the wrong attitude (superiority, arrogance), life's too short to spread bad feelings out into the world. Even though English is not my native language, I've learned to understand many of its nuances. And because I also have a good understanding of non-verbal communication, I can smell bad intentions a mile away.

And I have no tolerance for dodgy marketing tactics or black-hat SEO practices. There's a ton of "Top 100 tips & tricks" douchebaggery online, but just like extreme dieting, it can give you some quick results, but it won't last long.

Why I have the knowledge to help you

Besides studying 14 different programming languages at the university level, I've always been adept at any technical skills. My parents were both engineers, which made me good with exact sciences (through I'm definitely studying more abstract arts as I grow older).

I'm a quick learner, and that's how I've gotten to know WordPress inside-out and to be proficient in tens of other web-design tools & services. If you've heard of it, I probably already used it.

And I'm always staying in touch with the web-design industry, learning about all the new tools and technologies that appear, sorting through all of the craziness to find the best tools for every project.

Why I created ForegroundWeb

First of all, I empathize with photographers. I also started out as one, didn't know how to promote my work or to make a living out of it.

Secondly, photographers are creative people, and they're spreading something beautiful into the world (their art). The world needs more of that.

ForegroundWeb is my attempt to improve the photography website standards out there, to help creative photographers with the technical yet important task of building & improving their website.

I try to do that through offering professional web-design services, and through longform articles and an extensive content area, all about photography websites.

Where did the name "ForegroundWeb" come from?

I was obviously looking for a photographic term, and settled on "foreground".

In an abstract way, your website is the foreground of all your work, it's what people (and photo buyers) see. Shooting and editing images happen in the background.