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🎙️ My interview on the Hair of the Dog Podcast: “The SEO mistakes most photographers make”

An SEO-focused interview I did for the Hair of the Dog Podcast. Learn about SEO, content marketing, behavior flows, performance bottlenecks and website platforms.

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🎙️ My interview on Brent Bergherm’s Podcasts: “Photographer’s Websites: Tips and Reviews”

Brent Bergherm, host of two popular podcasts (Latitude Photography & Master Photography) recently had me as a guest to talk about different ideas and tips for making a successful photography website.

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Photographer interview: Richard Gooding

Insightful interview with UK architecture photographer Richard Gooding: "I think the industry is slightly dazed and diluted by the massive uptake in phone photography and video-making driven by social media."

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In-depth guide: How to optimize images for website performance: image sizes, compression, tools & testing (updated for 2021)

The definitive guide on optimizing your images to increase the speed of your photography website: how to size & compress your images, what file types and tools to use, how to test your site's speed (plus examples & FAQs). Start your engines!

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🎙️ My interview on the Business of Photography Podcast: “How to get a photography website that will differentiate yourself from the competition”

Bryan Caporicci interviews me on how focusing on website user-experience will lead to better results for your website and differentiate you from the competition.

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Photography Websites Report: Stats & insights from the websites of the world’s top 100+ photographers

What are famous photographers doing right on their websites? Or better yet, what are they doing awfully wrong despite being successful? Read this detailed research project to learn more.

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Photographer interview: Nicholas Goodden

"It’s increasingly competitive due to the democratisation of photography through phones. I think the days of a photographer thinking they can survive on only one niche are past."

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Q&A #20: email newsletters, blog SEO, promoting new services & more

I’m answering your questions about photography websites, business, marketing, SEO, and more. You can ask me anything. I’ll try to answer within 24 hours, and the most useful questions get featured here on the newsletter too. Need any help with your

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Homepage slideshows are dead – 4 better ways to design the top of your website front page

Slideshows are usually bad for user-experience, performance and SEO. Not to mention boring. So let's explore some cool elements you can replace them with, for better website engagement.

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Photographer interview: Ming Poon

Ming Poon is an award-winning photographer/director of photography based in Lake Tahoe, California. Passionate about outdoor pursuits, travel, and making a difference, Ming is inspired by culture, nature, music, friends and family.

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PhotoClaim can help you find your stolen photos and get your money back

Have you ever checked if your pictures are not being used without your consent? Learn how PhotoClaim monitors the Internet and keeps track of your pictures, fighting for your rights. Get the income and recognition that you deserve.

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Photographer interview: Richie Gubler

"I am impressed with the impact Tech companies have on the photography industry. The world keeps spinning, there are new ways to advertise and make your business stand out."

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How to define and fix your photography business funnel

Growing your website traffic should happen after building a solid foundation. Learn how to define the "funnel" for your photography business, and how to fix it if you're losing leads.

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Photographer interview: Claire Thomas

"Over the past few years my main photography specialty has been photojournalism, with a focus on conflict and humanitarian crises in the Middle East."

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Gallery or portfolio page descriptions: what to write about, and why they’re useful to visitors and Google

Each gallery on your photography website should ideally have a description at the top, above the thumbnails, explaining what the images are all about.

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How to track internal site searches in Google Analytics

Learn how to use Google Analytics to track what people on your site are searching for (whether that's images or blog posts), and how to take advantage of this site search data.

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In-depth guide: The photographer’s guide to email signatures

You've worked hard to create an awesome website to showcase your images, and you want as many visitors as possible. You might be overlooking one of the simplest promotion tools you have: the email signature. Here's what to include or not, best practices, resources & examples.

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Images matter most – a manifesto for serious photographers: focus on quality and stop looking for shortcuts

Let's get this straight: CONTENT IS KING. Your photo website is just a magnifier of the quality of your images.

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It’s time to start a successful photography blog 📝

A great photography blog can bring huge SEO benefits. Get my blogging course for photographers and learn how to set up a sustainable blogging practice and how to never run out of blogging ideas.

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Q&A #19 – SEO edition: titles & meta-descriptions, menu items, blog snippets, image rankings & more

Answering your SEO-related questions about writing unique titles & meta-descriptions for your pages, menu items, blog snippets, image rankings & more.

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🎙️ My interview on the WordPress Photography Podcast: “Develop and focus your photo business”

I was fortunate to be recently invited to the WordPress Photography Podcast for a 30-minute chat with Scott Wyden Kivowitz, and we cover a few topics that I care about.

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Using content marketing to grow your photography business – Interview with UK photographer Linus Moran

The importance of blogging and writing lots of meaningful content for your target audience, from the words of successful UK wedding photographer Linus Moran. Get inspired and learn how you can improve the content on your site.

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WordPress users rejoice! You now have automatic print lab integration using NextGen Gallery Pro

Learn what "auto-fulfillment" is, why it matters, and how you can now build a completely automated print-selling website on WordPress using the NextGen Pro plugin.

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Quick SEO tips on targeting a weird location keyphrase

Is it's difficult to include a target keyphrase into your content? Learn some strategies you can use when natural language fails you: use variations/inversions, use the words separately, or only show them to Google.

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