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Results-oriented photo website tips
Get expert advice on building a stunning photography website.

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In-depth guide: Best photography website builders in 2024 – how to find the right eCommerce platform for your business

Choose between all the top website platforms for photographers to find the right one for your photo business needs. And learn what NOT to use and why.

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In-depth guide: Business positioning for photographers: How to thrive (not just survive) in today’s saturated industry – with insights from pros

Not getting enough inquiries or sales? Are you constantly under-priced by your competition? Sick of struggling and know that you need to change something? The solution is positioning, and I’ll try to convince you why.

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🎙️ My interview on The B&H Photography Podcast

I had the pleasure of recently appearing on the popular B&H Photography Podcast, alongside photographer extraordinaire Ben von Wong. Episode Timeline: 3:55: What role do stand-alone photography websites play in a world of viral social media sites? 12:16: Alex’s pet

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100+ best WordPress plugins for photographers – a curated list of plugins I know and trust

Collection of recommended WordPress plugins (that I'm often using when building photography websites). Almost all plugins below have excellent reviews & a rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars, and have been thoroughly revised and tested.

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🎙️ My interview on The Landscape Photography Show

A recent two-part podcast series on The Landscape Photography show. David & I had a wide-ranging discussion on why you should focus on user-experience instead of blindly focusing on SEO only, and what makes a great photography website. You can

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🎙️ My interview on the Great Big Photography World Podcast

Another awesome interview about photography websites, where Taya and I discuss: Common mistakes to avoid when creating a photography website How my personal photography experience encouraged me to help other photographers SEO, UX performance, and other technicalities that contribute to

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Best tools to preview fine‑art prints on a wall in sample or clients’ rooms

From the buyer’s perspective, shopping for wall art is like shopping for clothes: they need to “try them on” before taking a purchase decision. Here are some tools you can use to showcase your fine art prints in rooms.

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🎙️ My interview on the F‑Stop Collaborate and Listen Podcast: “Designing a Photography Website”

Really enjoyed this particular interview I did on the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen Podcast, hosted by Matt Payne. You can also listen to the interview in your favorite podcast player: Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Google Podcasts Listen on

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In-depth guide: The essentials of building an effective photography “Contact” page

The Contact page is a critical component of your website, often underrated. You simply can't keep doing the default (bad) things and wonder why people are not contacting you. Learn the secrets of designing a great Contact page, one of the most important ways to optimize your photo website.

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In-depth guide: How to optimize images for website performance: best image sizes, compression, tools & testing (updated for 2023)

The definitive guide on optimizing your images to increase the speed of your photography website: how to size & compress your images, what file types and tools to use, how to test your site's speed (plus examples & FAQs). Start your engines!

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Q&A #23: showing galleries, keywords in IPTC info, improving traffic & more.

Answering your questions about showing multiple galleries, repeating keywords in IPTC info, amplifying traffic for certain keyphrases & more.

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The right way to sequence your photography portfolio & slideshow images (+ tips from a photo editor)

Learn to strategically arrange your print or web portfolio images for the most visual impact, plus notes from a photo editor.

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In-depth guide: Building a minimalist photography website to improve user-experience and conversion rates

Everything you need to know about minimalism, as applied to the design of photography websites: what minimalism is and isn't, benefits and best practices of going minimalist, plus a lot of examples of minimalist photography websites for your inspiration.

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New .photo & .photography top-level-domains (TLDs) for photographers: should you get one?

All you need to know about migrating your photography site to a new TLD: benefits, problems, examples and a Q&A section.

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Best broken link checker tools for photographers

Broken links are frustrating for website visitors and sabotaging your search rankings. Use these free tools to find and fix them.

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Photographer interview: Orlando Sydney

Great interview with portrait Orlando Sydney: "Having your own independent website is the only way for a ‘professional’ photographer to stand out from the millions on social media."

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Photographer interview: Masa Ushioda

Interview with marine wildlife photographer and stock photo agency owner Masa Ushioda: "Unfortunately, the downward pressure on licensing fees will continue".

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Q&A #22: what it means to be a pro, SEO blog titles, WP plugins, nav menu items

Answering your questions about what it means to be a pro, SEO blog titles, WordPress plugins and navigation menu naming tips.

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🎙️ My interview on the Beginner Photography Podcast: “Website Mistakes For Photographers”

Awesome interview I did with Raymond Hatfield from The Beginner Photography Podcast, talking about my original as a photographer, common photo website mistakes, a detailed list of what you should put on your homepage, and much more.

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Photographer interview: Paul Barkley

Interview with Australian sports photographer Paul Barkley. "We all know that the advent of the mobile phone camera has changed the industry forever, but I don’t think it stops there."

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Q&A #21: deleting old posts, blurry images, optimizing your homepage, slideshow performance

Answering your questions about deleting old posts, blurry images, optimizing your homepage, slideshow performance on photography websites.

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🎙️ My interview on the Hair of the Dog Podcast: “The SEO mistakes most photographers make”

An SEO-focused interview I did for the Hair of the Dog Podcast. Learn about SEO, content marketing, behavior flows, performance bottlenecks and website platforms.

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🎙️ My interview on Brent Bergherm’s Podcasts: “Photographer’s Websites: Tips and Reviews”

Brent Bergherm, host of two popular podcasts (Latitude Photography & Master Photography) recently had me as a guest to talk about different ideas and tips for making a successful photography website.

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Photographer interview: Richard Gooding

Insightful interview with UK architecture photographer Richard Gooding: "I think the industry is slightly dazed and diluted by the massive uptake in phone photography and video-making driven by social media."

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