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Custom photography website

The complete website solution for photographers & photo agencies who want to streamline and modernize their online presence.

You (probably) take awesome photos, but do you have a website that's serving you right? Have you already defined your target audience and business goals, but not sure how that translates into an effective photography website?

Forget about bad experiences you might have had with other web-designers (who've missed deadlines, been uncommunicative or unprofessional). I'm honest and straightforward and expect the same from you if we're to start a great work relationship.

With a ton of experience in photography websites and a willingness to really listen & understand the big picture, I always focus on the results and value that I create.

A new custom website is for you if...

  • You already have a clear direction for your photography business, but need expert help to take it to that next level.
  • You already have an outdated website (whose visual identity no longer matches the quality of your work), or you're just launching your business and want to do it well from the start.
  • You're confident that a modern & cohesive website can set you apart in the industry and help you attract more work.
  • You acknowledge that building a website is a collaboration and a discovery process journey (for both sides), and you're open to advice.

Get a new professional website that is...

Claire Thomas Photography website previewAmber Roberts Images website previewDacia Vu Photography website preview

Completely unique

Each website is custom (not using boilerplate templates), carefully built to bring unique value to each photographer. No two websites that I build are identical (or even too similar). The goal is to move as far away from template-based platforms (where your site looks like thousands of others) and to help you stand out.


Your website will look and behave well on mobile devices, adapting to any screen size, to ensure a positive user experience regardless of the type & age of the customer's device or browser


No flash. Only browser-friendly HTML5 + CSS3 code, powered by a CMS and useful plugins & extensions depending on your site needs.
I prefer using WordPress, but have experience with many other platforms as well.


I focus a lot on using intuitive graphics and navigation menus, so visitors feel comfortable on your website right from the start.

Owner-friendly :-)

Your whole purpose is to save time and go out there to take more photos, right? I help with selecting the right platforms/tools that will minimize development time and make it easy for you to manage the site in the future, decluttering the admin area as much as possible and providing instructions where needed.

Success-friendly :-)

Not all websites are built the same. Your business goals (getting more clients, increasing website traffic, getting more exposure in your niche, etc.) influence the way I design and structure your site. With a clear direction in mind, it's easier to stand out above the mediocrity out there.


Depending on your specific needs, the website can allow visitors to: buy prints, licenses or other image-based products, hire you for assignments, book workshops/tours, learn more about you, share your work with other people, subscribe to your mailing list, fill out your forms, etc.

Clean and effective

I don't go overboard with minimalism (which would be an oxymoron), but I do try to infuse clarity and simplicity into everything I build.

Well-oiled machines

I love prevention: using a good hosting provider, security measures in place, an uptime monitor (so I’m immediately notified if the site ever goes down), only using trusted services and plugins, etc.

All full website (re)design projects include:

  • consulting (I like to include ample discussion time via online calls, especially towards the beginning of the project, so we both fully understand what needs to be done)
  • detailed on-site SEO review and improvements
  • security measures (to prevent problems down the line)
  • performance optimization & cross-browser testing
  • migrating old website content into the new site (especially old blog posts with comments and social sharing counts, whenever possible)
  • flexibility with design revisions (until you're happy with the end result)
  • 1-year free hosting and domain registration if needed
  • 3 months free for my LITE WordPress care plan
  • instructions/recommendations on how to update the site content
  • useful resources (help pages, suggested reading, etc.)
  • integrating with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other insightful services
  • long-time support (I have many clients contacting me 3-4 years after building their websites because I’ve become their go-to guy for any tweaks and recommendations. If something requires more advanced work, and can't be done in a few minutes, we discuss that as a separate mini-project, or on an hourly basis)
My web-design process

Results you can see

Here's how well a modern website can perform for you:

  • lower bounce rates because the design is intuitive & mobile-friendly
  • longer time-on-site because I make sure that typography is good, the navigation menu is intuitive, and that visitors can “flow” from one page to another using clear call-to-action buttons
  • more organic traffic from Google after on-site SEO changes
  • more conversions (sales, inquiries, subscribers, etc.) because of how the new design promotes your services & products

But remember that inbound traffic doesn’t improve overnight, and it can still trickle down if you don't work on the new site as well (new/better images, new blog posts to keep it fresh, active social media presence, etc.)

Your new photography website is still just a multiplier of the quality of your content and marketing efforts.

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