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Search engine optimization for photography websites.
Google is becoming more human. Make it your friend.

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100+ best WordPress plugins for photographers – a curated list of plugins I know and trust

Collection of recommended WordPress plugins (that I'm often using when building photography websites). Almost all plugins below have excellent reviews & a rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars, and have been thoroughly revised and tested.

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🎙️ My interview on The Landscape Photography Show

A recent two-part podcast series on The Landscape Photography show. David & I had a wide-ranging discussion on why you should focus on user-experience instead of blindly focusing on SEO only, and what makes a great photography website. You can

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🎙️ My interview on the F‑Stop Collaborate and Listen Podcast: “Designing a Photography Website”

Really enjoyed this particular interview I did on the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen Podcast, hosted by Matt Payne. You can also listen to the interview in your favorite podcast player: Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Google Podcasts Listen on

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Q&A #23: showing galleries, keywords in IPTC info, improving traffic & more.

Answering your questions about showing multiple galleries, repeating keywords in IPTC info, amplifying traffic for certain keyphrases & more.

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New .photo & .photography top-level-domains (TLDs) for photographers: should you get one?

All you need to know about migrating your photography site to a new TLD: benefits, problems, examples and a Q&A section.

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Q&A #22: what it means to be a pro, SEO blog titles, WP plugins, nav menu items

Answering your questions about what it means to be a pro, SEO blog titles, WordPress plugins and navigation menu naming tips.

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Q&A #21: deleting old posts, blurry images, optimizing your homepage, slideshow performance

Answering your questions about deleting old posts, blurry images, optimizing your homepage, slideshow performance on photography websites.

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🎙️ My interview on the Hair of the Dog Podcast: “The SEO mistakes most photographers make”

An SEO-focused interview I did for the Hair of the Dog Podcast. Learn about SEO, content marketing, behavior flows, performance bottlenecks and website platforms.

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🎙️ My interview on Brent Bergherm’s Podcasts: “Photographer’s Websites: Tips and Reviews”

Brent Bergherm, host of two popular podcasts (Latitude Photography & Master Photography) recently had me as a guest to talk about different ideas and tips for making a successful photography website.

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Q&A #20: email newsletters, blog SEO, promoting new services & more

I’m answering your questions about photography websites, business, marketing, SEO, and more. You can ask me anything. I’ll try to answer within 24 hours, and the most useful questions get featured here on the newsletter too. Need any help with your

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How to define and fix your photography business funnel

Growing your website traffic should happen after building a solid foundation. Learn how to define the "funnel" for your photography business, and how to fix it if you're losing leads.

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Gallery or portfolio page descriptions: what to write about, and why they’re useful to visitors and Google

Each gallery on your photography website should ideally have a description at the top, above the thumbnails, explaining what the images are all about.

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Q&A #19 – SEO edition: titles & meta-descriptions, menu items, blog snippets, image rankings & more

Answering your SEO-related questions about writing unique titles & meta-descriptions for your pages, menu items, blog snippets, image rankings & more.

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🎙️ My interview on the WordPress Photography Podcast: “Develop and focus your photo business”

I was fortunate to be recently invited to the WordPress Photography Podcast for a 30-minute chat with Scott Wyden Kivowitz, and we cover a few topics that I care about.

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Quick SEO tips on targeting a weird location keyphrase

Is it's difficult to include a target keyphrase into your content? Learn some strategies you can use when natural language fails you: use variations/inversions, use the words separately, or only show them to Google.

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Q&A #18: updating old posts & broken links, Analytics stats, licensing prices & fixing 301 redirects

Answering your questions about updating old blog posts & broken links, what to do after launching a site, image download prices & fixing 301 redirects.

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[▶️] Are you ranking for completely unrelated keywords?

Is your website ranking for completely unrelated keywords because of a rogue post? Should you delete it or try to update it to promote your more important pages or services?

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[▶️] Google hates seeing repeated content

Don't try to jam keywords into your SEO tags, into the page templates on your website, or into the image ALT tags. Take some time to eliminate any existing "spammy" SEO attempts and to write unique SEO tags (or image ALT tags).

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[▶️] Should you try to rank for “photography” or “photographer” terms?

If you're a photographer looking to improve your portfolio website and your Google rankings, should you be using "photographer" or "photography" in your content? Is it the same thing to Google? Let's find out.

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Q&A #17: text on the homepage, pages vs posts, ALT tags & sharing buttons

Answering your questions about including text on the homepage, whether pages rank better than posts, image ALT tags & sharing buttons.

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🦖 “Dinosaur” SEO tactics: stop wasting time on outdated SEO tactics and instead focus on what Google now cares about

Many photographers are still following old SEO tips, some of which no longer work or are even hurting their chances to rank well. Learn what SEO strategies to avoid and what to do instead to make Google happy.

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10 reasons to include auto-playing music or videos on your website

The fact that all major social media and video platforms allow turning the autoplay feature on (or off), is a clear sign of how wide-spread and popular autoplay videos are. Here are 10 strong reasons to add auto-playing music or videos to your website. Or not.

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In-depth guide: How to change your site’s domain name (URL) without losing SEO rankings (7 steps + FAQ)

A step-by-step process for changing your site's URL while maintaining search engine rankings and avoiding indexing problems. Especially important when rebranding your business or when switching to a shorter domain name.

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Q&A #16: old portfolio images, dashes in domain names, comments, SEO tags & redirects

Answering your questions about keeping old portfolio images on your site, using dashes in domain names, transitioning from Blogger to WP, Yoast media redirection settings & more.

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🎙️ My interview on the Hair of the Dog Podcast Free SEO course for photographers Wedding photographers need to be different 🎙️ New podcast interview The market is selfish Google hates seeing repeated content! How to develop your soft skills as a photographer 7 quick principles for creating a great website 4 ways to make your photography website more trustworthy What are famous photographers doing right on their websites? Or better yet, what are they doing awfully wrong despite being successful?