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The basics

ForegroundWeb is an educational website for photographers, offering detailed web-design articles and services – all about photography websites.

It’s a one-man business run by Alex Vita, living in Bucharest, Romania. Read my full story here

I can share insights on: photography websites, the business of photography, SEO, web-design & development, productivity.
You can book me for: podcast interviews, speaking engagements, private workshops & webinars, guest writing, statements for your articles & books.

Here’s a selection of my past interviews & guest articles

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A longer bio

I run a website called ForegroundWeb (f-o-r-e-groundweb dot com) which is all about photography websites.

I started out years ago with photography myself, been through the struggles of finding work, shot a couple of weddings, had my own portrait studio, and learned to build photo websites through firsthand trial-and-error. Since then I’ve been a successful freelancer, gathering experience from over 200 projects, both small and large, everything from beginner photographers to full-time pros and large agencies.

I help photographers grow their photography business with a stellar web presence, in two ways:

  • I either build websites for them, I have almost ten years of experience, having worked on over 200 websites for photographers from 25 countries
  • or I help and teach photographers how to improve their online business themselves:
    • a ton of educational content (articles, newsletter, resources)
    • website teardowns and SEO audits, showing them where they need to improve
    • consulting & strategy calls

My clients are pro or semi-pro photographers selling licenses or photo-based products online (prints, calendars, books, workshops, photo tours, etc.)

I also work on portfolio-only websites, that don’t sell anything, but I can make less of an impact there, because I don’t do photo critiques, and the quality of the images is the overwhelming factor there. But there’s still plenty I can improve on portfolio websites as well, and I’ve written plenty of articles about this topic as well (about how to edit down and sequence images in a portfolio).


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Red (logo & accent color): #DF6865

Blue (web-design services): #2A679F, #DFE8F0

Green (resources): #64AA41, #D8E5D9


Site screenshots (mid-2019)


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