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Photography website makeover

It's time to give your existing website a big boost by optimizing it from top to bottom.

This is a fast-paced project which can be anything from small structural & design tweaks to a more thorough website "facelift".

If you already have a decent site, there's no need to re-invent the wheel. But you still need to have it perfected by a pro to make the most of it.

A website makeover can turn your so-and-so site (no offense) into a strong online portfolio or an effective marketing engine for your photo business.

A website makeover is for you if...

  • You already have a website. It's... uh... fine. It technically works, it's not broken. But it's getting outdated, unlike your competitors' sites
  • You've already spent a lot of time and resources into your existing site, and you don't want to invest in a more pricey redesign from scratch. You just want to breathe new life into your existing site
  • Some visitors are complaining that your site is slow, or that they can't find a particular page, or they can't navigate it from their phone, etc.

Case study: PhotoBizX design makeover

"If you’re thinking about doing something like this for your own website, maybe you want to rework what you already have without going for a whole new website, then I would highly recommend that you get in touch with Alex and have a chat with him about what he can offer." (Andrew Hellmich)

View case study
PhotoBizX homepage screenshot - before Before
PhotoBizX homepage screenshot - after After

After learning about your goals,
I clean up and polish your existing website:

  • I improve the site's design and make it fresh and clutter-free (by updating site graphics, including more whitespace to please the eyes, simplifying the navigation, updating page layouts and typography, making small alignments, etc.)
  • I tailor the site to your business goals (making specific page elements more prominent to increase conversions). When it comes down to it, a website is only good if it solves specific problems, no matter how pretty the design is
  • I also upgrade the site's theme, plugins, extensions, so everything is running smoothly
  • Having trouble updating your site's content? I can simplify the admin area (where possible) and recommend new content workflows
  • Depending on your needs, we also talk about adding new features and functionality to the site separately
  • Making your website mobile-friendly (or -friendlier) is also included, in an attempt to lower bounce rates
  • I work on optimizing site images (and other performance measures), on-site SEO, security & more. Tens of changes to improve your existing site

All the combined changes can make a big impact and turn your outdated site into a well-functioning thing of beauty.

Client testimonials

How it works:

  • We have an initial discovery call (over Zoom, Skype or Google Meet) to talk about your site's problems and goals. We'll also see if your current website platform allows this type of redesign project. By "we" I mean you and me; you'll be working directly with me, from start to finish
  • I do a website review to figure out what needs to be done
  • I then optimize your site and implement all the fixes (and I'll also be sending you small bits of homework along the way)
  • We do a recap of all the changes we made, and I answer any questions
  • I follow-up on you over the next months and double-check your site

Let's get started:

Website makeovers range between $2,500 and $5,000 depending on your goals & your site's complexity. Flat rate, no hidden fees, 50% deposit.

Makeovers usually take up to 10 days of intense work. To keep the standard high, I can only commit to a few website makeovers over a given period of time and am booking at least a few weeks in advance.

We can also do a 2-day express makeover (if you're short on time or use a platform that doesn't allow all the bells & whistles). We only tackle specific design aspects or existing site problems, it's an intense couple of days (and you have to block your schedule and be available for active communication).

Get in touch to check my availability & get more info.


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