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Bespoke photography websites
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Grow your photography business with my tailored web design services, thorough SEO & design reviews,
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Working exclusively with photographers since 2007.

Claire Thomas Photography website preview Web-design client portrait"I'm absolutely blown away.
Exactly what I was hoping for, but even better!" - Claire Thomas
Bob Lambert website preview Web-design client portrait"Exceptional technical and design skills — with the added bonus of being extremely kind, patient, and customer focused!" - Bob Lambert
Good D. Photography website preview Web-design client portrait"It was as if Alex read my mind.
Clarity, function, clear direction, and a boutique quality." - Sonya Kolb

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Here's a selection of the most popular guides & tips for photographers

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In-depth guide: Business positioning for photographers: How to thrive (not just survive) in today’s saturated industry – with insights from pros

Not getting enough inquiries or sales? Are you constantly under-priced by your competition? Sick of struggling and know that you need to change something? The solution is positioning, and I’ll try to convince you why.

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In-depth guide: Best photography website builders in 2024 – how to find the right eCommerce platform for your business

Choose between all the top website platforms for photographers to find the right one for your photo business needs. And learn what NOT to use and why.

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Photography Websites Report: Stats & insights from the websites of the world’s top 100+ photographers

What are famous photographers doing right on their websites? Or better yet, what are they doing awfully wrong despite being successful? Read this detailed research project to learn more.

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In-depth guide: 60+ photography website mistakes – the complete guide to finding and fixing your website problems

With straight-forward ideas and many examples & resources, this guide will get your site on the right track. Fix as many mistakes as possible to achieve photo website mastery! All ideas are short and come with their own resources and solutions to help you eliminate any website problems.

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In-depth guide: Information architecture for photographers: how to structure your site for optimal user experience & conversions

Organizing your content is a highly important process and should come before any design and technical considerations, before SEO. Don't let your site theme/template dictate how you structure your website. You need to decide that first, and then customize the site to meet your needs.

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In-depth guide: 15 best features of successful photo websites (and how to design yours)

Learn from successful photographers and follow these website ideas and best practices for building your own amazing photography website.

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How to modernize your photography website and adapt it to recent industry changes

Browsing habits, in particular, are changing over time; and without revamping your photography website based on recent industry standards, you're leaving money on the table (low traffic, poor conversion rates, fewer leads and sales)

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In-depth guide: The complete SEO guide for photographers: 50 tips to maximize your Google rankings & get found online

50 (yes, fifty) detailed SEO tips (all with examples & resources) for building a photo website that both users & Google will love! You will be learning SEO basics and more advanced tactics, how to avoid common SEO mistakes, how to increase conversion rates & promote your photography website online.

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In-depth guide: Image SEO essentials: How to optimize for Google Image search to drive more traffic to your photography website

Image SEO guidelines for ranking in Google Image search, along with explanations of why you'd want to rank in Google Image search, how it different from regular SEO, how to track your image SEO results and what the future brings.

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In-depth guide: How to optimize images for website performance: best image sizes, compression, tools & testing (updated for 2023)

The definitive guide on optimizing your images to increase the speed of your photography website: how to size & compress your images, what file types and tools to use, how to test your site's speed (plus examples & FAQs). Start your engines!

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Simplicity & effectiveness

I love exploring creative & technical solutions for your photography website, focusing on honest collaboration, clarity and getting results for your business. I value simplicity and I enjoy working with passionate photographers. Understanding the big picture and paying attention to small details are both critical, I try to practice them in my work every day.

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