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Web-design services, consulting & support
exclusively  for aspiring & pro photographers and photo agencies

You have great images, and you're ready to grow your business.
Your potential clients are seeking out photographers that are serious, engaging, and honest.

But crafting a modern website that resonates with your target audience is no easy feat because you want to stand out from the crowd while still showcasing your work and your personality.

I can build an amazing site for you, quickly and affordably so you can focus on taking more photos and running your business.

Whether your photography business is your full-time job, a side-hustle, or just a passion project, it has the potential to thrive with the right website and support behind it.

I'm a pro photography website developer and my work is all about distinctive quality and long-term thinking, through an array of web-design & SEO services — the helping hands you need to make it happen seamlessly.

Your images matter most. My web-design services just make them shine. It's time to level up your online presence!

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"Since Alex Vita designed and built my photography website, it's transformed my business and given me the platform I'd always wanted to share my photography in a way that's simple to navigate and visually appealing. I'm very grateful to have this site and for Alex's ongoing support and expertise." ‐ Claire Thomas

"Many thanks again, I love my new website - it's much more 'me' than the old one was!!!" ‐ Amber Roberts

"I’ve been a professional photographer for more than 25 years and I had never had a website. It was always on my 'to-do' list. When it was finally time to build one, I searched for someone who understood photography and the needs of photographers. Alex Vita was that person. As a lover of photography and a former photographer himself, I trusted his instincts, knowledge and experience to place my work into his hands. This coupled with his superb design aesthetic resulted in exactly what I needed and what I had hoped for. Working with him was seamless. He was attentive, responsive, fast and precise. The website he built for me exceeded my expectations and I have received nothing but glowing feedback from everyone who has visited the site. I would recommend him to any professional photographer who wants their website to shine and stand out from the rest. I cannot sing his praises enough. He is the cream of the crop for photography web design and construction." ‐ Susan Watts

Photography website examples built by Alex Vita from (ForegroundWeb)

How we can work together:

New custom photography website

This is the complete website design service for photographers and photo agencies. Completely unique websites tailored to your photography niche and business goals.

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Existing photo website makeover

Choose this service if you just want to freshen up your already‑live photography site (both in terms of structure and design) and turn it into a stronger asset for your business.

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Photography website review

You already have a decent website, but want an expert's opinion on how it can be improved further? Let's do a review, I'll tell you everything you can do to polish your site to perfection.

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Photography website SEO review

I'll highlight everything you're doing wrong now with SEO, fix any critical SEO issues, and give you recommendations for improving your photo website's search engine rankings.

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Photo website speed optimization

I'll make your photography website incredibly fast (image optimization, caching, hosting configuration, coding optimizations, etc.) - a critical user‑experience and SEO factor these days.

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Ask me anything about your photography website, I'll try to give you the clarity you need to make progress and improve your business and online presence.

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Premium website support plan

I'll be your trusted web expert to take all website‑related things off your plate, regardless of the platform you're using, so you get back to focusing on your photos.

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WordPress care plans

A website is a powerful but complex tool. I'll take all of the maintenance tasks off your plate and make sure your photo website is a fast, secure and well-oiled machine.

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Other website design & development services for photographers:

PhotoShelter customization - I can personalize your PhotoShelter template or completely design & build your PhotoShelter classic templates (using manual customization mode) to match your existing site (on WordPress or any other platform). Learn more »

Website performance optimization - I'll make your photography website incredibly fast (image optimization, caching, hosting configuration, coding optimizations, etc.) - a critical user‑experience and SEO factor these days. You'll also get actionable advice for further site speed improvements.

UX review - after seeing so many photo websites, I've developed an eye for what makes a visitor comfortable when navigating your website (intuitive & graphics, onboarding, forms & data entry, aesthetics, consistency, clarity, etc.)

Email marketing - I can configure mailing services, set up email automation & subscribe boxes (and integrate with other lead generation tools).

Retina display optimization - Four pixels in one? Oh, my! With the right adjustments, I can make your photos look super crisp on modern displays.

Security review - I'll implement security fixes and prevention measures (and schedule regular backups). Who doesn't like a good night's sleep?

Marketing review - I can help you beef up your social media presence, content marketing strategy, conversion rates, etc., or recommend other marketing experts you could hire.

Setting up Google Analytics & Google Search Console - I can show you insightful stats from your Analytics reports and help make sure Google is properly indexing your site. Using other tracking or webmaster services? No worries, I probably know them already.

Domain & hosting registration - I don't host websites myself (because pro hosting services do that way better), but I can recommend all the services you need and handle the registration & administrative tasks for you.

Custom-coding site features - On route to my Computer Science degree, I studied 14 different programming languages. Not all of those are relevant nowadays :-), but I can definitely code a custom site feature from scratch (if we can't find a suitable off-the-shelf solution).

Inherent in all services: great customer support - I'm contactable as much as reasonably possible, and you always get a one-to-one relationship in all phases of a project, so I can really focus on each task at hand. And you'll have my on-going support once you become my client, I'll be there to help.


Need help with something else?

Get in touch with me to schedule a quick call and define a custom project that you need help with. Or scroll down to see other photography website design service I offer.

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