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Interview on the PhotoBizX Podcast: “Everything you need for a successful photography website”

I’m back on the PhotoBizX podcast with a really long and detailed conversation (with host Andrew Hellmich) about user experience in photography websites.

Andrew and I cover (almost) everything you need to know for building a great photography website:

  • SEO procrastination
    • why some photographers have the wrong mindset when it comes to SEO
    • how to focus on conversation rates when you hit a traffic plateau
    • bounce rate guidelines
  • User-experience (UX)
    • definition and how it relates to SEO
    • how to make Google happy with good UX
  • UX technical details = web-design best practices (can be outsourced)
    • improving small design details
    • poor typography
    • simplify your navigation menu
    • improve website performance
    • mobile-friendliness
    • distracting backgrounds
    • broken links
    • intro pages / splash screens / popups
    • auto-playing music
    • search functionality
    • difficult eCommerce process
    • other tips
  • UX intangible things = content and photographer-specific stuff (the hard part)
    • understanding your audience and update your site copy
    • creating a flow through your website (CTAs)
    • restructuring your homepage
    • updating your bio
    • building a website infused with your personality
    • making your contact info easy to find
    • too much information
    • tightly editing your portfolios/galleries
  • recap of UX principles
  • the abstract skills you need in business (awareness, empathy, courage)


Listen to the interview


And please consider getting a PBX premium membership here to get access to other members-only exclusive content & bonuses, it’s a great investment for your photography business. Following the main interview, Andrew and I recorded a members-only Q&A episode to answer some specific follow-up questions sent in by podcast listeners. We cover user experience, SEO, layout and design plus bounce rates and a range of other topics.

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