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🎙️ My interview on the Business of Photography Podcast: “How to get a photography website that will differentiate yourself from the competition”

Bryan Caporicci interviews me on how focusing on website user-experience will lead to better results for your website and differentiate you from the competition.

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You’re gonna have some feathers ruffled” – Bryan
“We’re throwing the gauntlet down in this conversation” – Bryan

Topics we cover in the interview: 
– what you should be spending your time on, when it comes to building a digital presence
– “SEO procrastination” versul doing more meaningful work
– user-experience tasks that can be outsourced to a web-designers, and others that you’re responsible for as a photographer
– the process you should go through when building a new photography website
– using the navigation menu as a “buffet” of options vs. using call-to-action buttons (spoiler: both!)
– are photography website still using splash pages?

And here’s my photo industry research report that Bryan mentioned: Photography Websites Report: Stats & insights from the websites of the world’s top 100+ photographers

“The report was so insightful, so well-researched, so thorough, that you could literally take a dart and throw it at that page, do anything that he recommends on that page, and you’ll see big improvements on your web conversion, traffic and your ability to have your website be a sales tool for you.” – Bryan

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