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ForegroundWeb is 1 year old: great results so far and my plans for the future

ForegroundWeb launch screenshots

It’s exactly one year since I launched ForegroundWeb, and what an awesome journey it’s been. Yet nothing like what I have in store for the future.



Interviews & guest writing

Besides working with tens of photographers on their websites, I’ve been featured on two photography podcasts (PhotoBizX and Sprouting Photographer), and my articles have been linked-to and shared all over the web.

A hightlight of my work was becoming a guest writer for the hugely popular Digital Photography School blog:


And if you want to read about my full freelancing story and my current work, here’s a great interview with me: Photography Website Designer Alex Vita




My top articles on the ForegroundWeb

The most shared articles on ForegroundWeb so far have been, without a doubt, my in-depth longform guides:



ForegroundWeb on Twitter

If you’re using Twitter, you can follow @foreground for daily tips about photography websites, plus links to great articles to read. I regularly scan the Internet for relevant articles and share them with my Twitter followers (and here on the ForegroundWeb Newsletter).

@foreground on Twitter



Great feedback so far

I’ve been humbled by the great messages I received from photographers recently:

“Wow… Alex. I’m totally impressed. You have put together an amazing amount of great content for one person. So much so that you’re one of the very few emails from “vendors” that I allow to show up in my inbox because the content of your emails is always so great!” – Vanessa Kay

“There is NO DOUBT in my mind that you will be building my next website… Thanks for continuing to help us all understand website design and development. Solid advice!” – Seshu from TiffinBox

“Superb Article Alex, I’m just in the process of designing my new site and will definitely take in some of the point you’ve mentioned. You had me thinking that less is sometimes more. Keep up the good work.” – Chris Lee

“Need a website? This is your guy @foreground Smart. Young. Marketing smart. Awesome resource of blog posts for photographers wanting to build great web/blog sites.” – Jack Hollingsworth

“Thank you for the 60 Website Mistakes PDF. One of the best looking, easy to read and well laid out practical ebooks I’ve seen.” – Andrew Hellmich



Plans for the future

My main focus is to continue producing content (as newsletter-exclusive articles and in-depth guides on ForegroundWeb) on a more regular basis.

A commitment to quality: the experience of writing content regularly has allowed me to find my voice over time and made me even more focused to quality instead of quantity. With every piece of content I write/create, I’ll try to take the time to make it as useful and actionable as possible, while still helping you understand the “WHY” behind everything (instead of just listing out “shallow” tips & tricks). 

I also have plans to build free email courses, online training classes, live webinars, Q&A sessions, consulting/coaching sessions, and even books and a podcast. All about photography websites!

Exciting times ahead, and I hope you’ll follow me along the way.



Get in touch

You can simply use my Contact page to leave me a message. I read and reply to every single one.

Thanks for the support & feedback in the last year, I appreciate it a lot.
– Alex Vita

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