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WordPress care plans for photographers

If you run a WordPress photography site, I got you covered. With a recurring retainer, I'll make sure that your shiny website continues to perform well for you and your visitors, so you can get more time back in the day.

WordPress in particular is a powerful beast, but with great power comes a lot of complexity, so it can be hard to keep a WP site under control. Plugins & themes need to be often updated, and they sometimes don't play well with each other. But I can handle that work and see to it that your website is running smoothly.

In the long run, you'll be saving money by protecting your website and having me do ongoing testing, maintenance & iterative improvements.

The website care plans are all about prevention and always having a helping hand for support and fixing any problems.

A website care plan is for you if...

  • You're afraid to update your WP theme or plugins because you often run into technical problems
  • You don't have the time for it, and would rather focus on other things
  • You don't think it's important
  • The way you're managing your site slowly creates performance or security problems

Leave the responsibility of WP maintenance work in the hands of a WordPress expert. I want to become your dedicated webmaster and to help you maintain a healthy & secure photography website.

Choose your plan:


The foundational care plan for simple WordPress sites that need prevention & the occasional updates. * Not eligible for eCommerce sites.

$90/month when paid yearly
  • WordPress core updates (to take advantage of WordPress' recent features and security updates)
  • All plugins updates (with proper backups and testing to avoid any incompatibilities/problems)
  • WordPress theme version updates (which can often be problematic)
  • Weekly site backups and restores (peace of mind, if anything ever goes wrong)
  • Security measures and monitoring (to prevent your website from being hacked & blacklisted)
  • Uptime monitor (I get real-time notifications if the site ever goes down to fix it ASAP)
  • Development work & consulting within 1h/month (small bug fixes, design tweaks, WP admin help, content updates, etc.)


The advanced WP care plan for serious website owners who need a fully-mananged WP site, frequent updates, and priority support.

$125/month when paid yearly
  • Everything from STANDARD, plus:
  • Full daily site backups (to an offsite location, for added security)
  • Database cleaning & optimization (to reduce db size & speed things up)
  • Regularly scanning and fixing broken links (or redirecting them as needed)
  • Premium plugins (for optimal page speeds, image optimization, and other sites features)
  • Performance monitoring (to make sure your website's speed continues to be a positive ranking factor)
  • License management (keeping track of software renewals & recommending free/better alternatives)
  • Quarterly strategy consulting call (helping you improve your website and grow your business - normally a $250/h service)
  • Priority support: answering all your messages within 24 hours with a full answer, or at least a confirmation and a clear ETA (if it requires more research)

Cancel anytime. No prorated refunds. No monthly payments, to show you're serious about your business and not just a hit & run.
All prices expressed in USD. For setting up credit card subscriptions via Stripe, or payments in other currencies, please contact me.

Choose extra services:

Get in touch for any fixed-price web design services that usually only need to be done once. Tailored prices available upon request.

  • WP maintenance clean-up
    (a full one-time clean-up, update and configuration of your WP admin area, if you're not ready for a recurring plan)
  • Website hosting
    (on a reliable & secure hosting service, with fast servers optimized for WP sites)
  • Website migration
    (in case you need a professional to move your entire website to a new hosting service)
  • Staging website
    (to experimenting with big site changes without affecting the live site)
  • SSL certificate set-up & config
    (so that your website loads correctly on a secure HTTPS connections (without mixed content warnings), a must-have in 2024)
  • WordPress training session
    (for learning where and how to manage your content and website settings)
  • Page speed tests & optimization
    (taking a slow website to optimal load times)
  • Malware & spam clean-up
    (I thoroughly scan & clean-up your site manually if it already has serious file corruption problems)
  • Google Search Console review
    (to gain more insights on search performance, mobile usability, and how well Google is indexing your site)
  • Google Analytics review
    (giving you relevant insights on how visitors are engaging with your website)
  • Complete SEO review
    (to help your website rank higher in Google & gain more organic traffic)
  • Site design & UX review
    (a comprehensive "teardown" of your existing website design)
  • Content updates within 5h
    (helping you add/update your content on the site - does not include copywriting)
  • Retina display optimization
    (the right adjustments to make your site look crisp on modern displays)
  • Need help with anything else?
    Send me a quick message with your specific needs, and I'll get back to you with a personalized quote.
Contact me to schedule extra services

What's not included in the care plans:

  • Advanced web-design work - If you need help with tweaking the look or functionality of your site (beyond the included 1h monthly), or fixing damages caused by third-party modifications to the site, we'll discuss that as a separate mini-project.
  • Liability - Since I cannot always control the quality of the themes/plugins or hosting service you use, I will not be liable to you or any third party for damages. What I can offer instead is a strong commitment to protecting the site and your best interests.
  • Content management assistance - Want to add new posts or pages to your site, but need help? I can add your content to the site, taking care of page layouts, styling, formatting, etc. But it goes outside the scope of the website care plan, so we'll treat it separately.
  • Email marketing - On a separate basis I can also help you manage your mailing list service: configuring lists, segmentation, merge tags, automation workflows, adding subscribe boxes, help with email campaigns, etc.

Why is prevention important?

1. Your photo website is an essential part of your business.
It's your image portfolio in the digital age and the engine that generates more sales/clients for you. Playing such a key role in the success of your business, make sure it's fully functional for your audience 24/7. Otherwise, if it's slow or partially broken, you lose clients & money. And if it's poorly secured, it can get hacked & blacklisted, a nightmare to recover from.

2. WordPress is vulnerable.
Being so popular (with tens of thousands of themes & plugins out there), the WordPress core and plugins are often the targets of various hacks and exploits. It's simply the nature of the online world, and all can you do is have plenty of preventive measures in place and a helping hand nearby.


What happens to a poorly managed site?

Combining WordPress with poor hosting services, improper management, security attacks, and negligence, and you get a slew of possible errors.

If you build a new website on WordPress and then you never touch it again, you never log into the admin area, it’s just a matter of time before it will go down or get hacked.

Unless you’re actively updating things, checking logs and being well informed of recent vulnerability threads, you’re not really on top of things.

The solution is prevention: properly manage your WordPress site to avoid security and functionality problems down the line.


Why not manage the site yourself?

All the WordPress maintenance tasks I cover on a monthly basis require a lot of time (not to mention WP experience), taking you away from photography work. Keeping up with all the web-design trends and with the always-evolving WP plugin ecosystem is likely not one of your top priorities.

And don't fall for all the hosting providers that advertise "managed WordPress sites", that's just shallow stuff, they're automating a few admin tasks for thousands of customers at once. You need a dedicated person that can pay close attention to all the particularities of your website.

"Alex has been interviewed on the podcast and since then has been managing both my websites and is absolutely incredible at what he does.

I can't count the number of times he has helped me. From small website tweaks to rescuing me after hacking attempts.

I've been on Alex's maintenance plan for 2 years now and it's been a terrific investment for me." - Andrew Hellmich


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