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WordPress care plan

If you have a WordPress site, I got you covered. With a monthly retainer, I'll make sure that your shiny WP website continues to perform well for you and your visitors.

WordPress is a powerful beast, but with great power comes a lot of complexity, so it can be hard to keep a WP site under control. Plugins & themes need to be often updated, and they sometimes don't play well with each other. But I can handle that work and see to it that your WP website is running smoothly.

In the long run, you'll be saving money by protecting your website and having me do ongoing testing, maintenance & iterative improvements.

The WP care plan is all about prevention and always having a helping hand for support and fixing any problems.

The WordPress care plan is for you if...

  • You're afraid to update your WP theme or plugins because you often run into technical problems
  • You don't have the time for it, and would rather focus on other things
  • You don't think it's important
  • The way you're managing your site slowly creates performance or security problems

Leave the responsibility of WP maintenance work in the hands of a WordPress expert. I want to become your dedicated webmaster and to help you maintain a healthy & secure photography website.

What's included:

  • Updating the WordPress core (to take advantage of WordPress' recent features and security updates)
  • Updating all plugins (with proper backups and testing to avoid any incompatibilities/problems)
  • Updating WordPress theme version (which can often times be problematic)
  • Security audit & malware monitoring (I restore the site for you if anything goes bad)
  • Full site backups (to an offsite Amazon S3 server, for added security) and restoring your site from backups if something ever goes wrong
  • Regularly checking for broken links (and redirecting them to the right page where possible)
  • Performance tests & improvements (for optimal load times)
  • Database optimization
  • Uptime monitor (I get notified if the site ever goes down to fix it asap)
  • SEO, Google Analytics & Google Search Console support
  • Development work & consulting within 1h/month (priority support for small bug fixes, design tweaks or WP-related instructions)

What's not included:

  • Advanced web-design work - If you need help with tweaking the look or functionality of your site (beyond the included 1h monthly), or fixing damages caused by third-party modifications to the site, we'll discuss that as a separate mini-project.
  • Liability - Since I cannot always control the quality of the themes/plugins or hosting service you use, I will not be liable to you or any third party for damages. What I can offer instead is a strong commitment to protect the site and your best interests.
  • Adding content for you - Prefer not to see the WP admin area at all, but still want to add new posts? I can surely help you, but it goes outside the scope of the monthly care plan work, so we'll treat it separately.
  • License renewals - If you've paid for premium WordPress themes or plugin, it's obviously still your responsibility to renew them promptly in order to avoid functionality issues. I will help you manage any software licenses you use, and point out any such themes or plugins that are up for renewal (or recommend free/better alternatives).

Why is it important?

1. Your photo website is an essential part of your business. It's your image portfolio in the digital age and the engine that generates more sales/clients for you. Playing such a key role in the success of your business, make sure it's fully functional for your audience 24/7.

2. WordPress is vulnerable. Being so popular, the WordPress core and plugins are often the targets of various hacks and exploits. It's simply the nature of the online world, and all can you do is have plenty of preventive measures in place, and a helping hand nearby.

Why not manage it yourself?

All the WordPress maintenance tasks I cover on a monthly basis require a lot of time (not to mention WP experience), taking you away from photography work. Keeping up with all the web-design trends and with the always-evolving WP plugin ecosystem is likely not one of your top priorities.

And don't fall for all the hosting providers that advertise "managed WordPress sites", that's just shallow stuff, they're automating a few admin tasks for thousands of customers at once. You need a dedicated person that can pay close attention to all the particularities of your website.