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Premium website support for serious photographers

You can get ahead in the industry by focusing on your craft and your marketing efforts. But you can't do that if you're constantly tinkering with technical details on your site. Or if managing the content has become a hassle.

My platform-agnostic website support service will give you peace of mind that your photography website is running smoothly.

And it will give you access to a dedicated web-design expert (that's me!) that can handle all website content & layout changes, so you can save time and get back to your passion.

There's no task too small, I'm here to take care of your web needs. Anything under the umbrella of the website is covered. I'll be your trusted web expert to take website‑related things off your plate.

I have 15+ years of experience with photography website exclusively. And I don't work by volume (there's only a limited number of support clients I take on). I give you the attention you need, I'm always there.

Premium website support is for you if...

  • You're wasting too much time managing content and setting up technical details on your site, instead of focusing on your craft
  • You're struggling to make your website platform "behave" (regardless what it is: WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, PhotoShelter, Smugmug, Livebooks, Pixpa, you name it)
  • You need small website fixes and someone to look after your online presence

This support subscription is easy to start, and even simpler to stop or pause at time in the future. You just won't want to.

Running a successful photography website is hard work. Focus on the content (text and images) and leave the rest to a seasoned web-design pro.


Everything you need to keep your photography website looking good and running smoothly.

$3,500 / year or $2,000 / 6 months
  • Full website maintenance: platform/plugin/theme updates, site backups and restores, checking for broken links, etc.
  • Content management assistance: adding and optimizing new images, creating new pages, adding copy, minor page layout changes, adding blog posts, fixing text formatting, checking pages on mobile devices, fixing minor site problems, customizing template settings, updating the navigation menu, integrating FB pixel, sign-up forms or other embed widgets and meta tags, troubleshooting technical issues, etc.
  • Website design & SEO improvement suggestions: whenever you add a new page or piece of content on the site, I can give you design suggestions (and implement them if you agree) based on my vast experience with photography websites.
  • Google Analytics & Google Search Console monitoring: regularly checking the reports for useful insights or site indexing problems.
  • Email marketing help: configuring mailing lists, segmentation, merge tags, automation workflows, adding subscribe boxes, help with email campaigns, etc.
  • Account & license management: I keep track of your software renewals & recommend free/better alternatives
  • Malware & spam clean-up: I thoroughly scan & clean-up your site manually if it already has serious file corruption problems
  • Regularly scanning and fixing broken links (or redirecting them as needed)
  • Security measures and monitoring: to prevent your website from being hacked & blacklisted
  • Uptime monitor: I get real-time notifications if the site ever goes down to fix it ASAP
  • Priority email support: answering all your messages within 24 hours with a full answer, or at least a confirmation and a clear ETA (if it requires more research)
  • Check-in calls (1h/mo) to discuss your specific needs for the site

6-month minimum commitment. Cancel or pause anytime. No prorated refunds. No monthly payments, to show you're serious about your business and not just a hit-and-run.
All prices expressed in USD. For setting up credit card subscriptions in other currencies, please contact me.
Check-in/Consulting calls are usually done on Zoom or Google Meet (audio or video, with screen sharing when needed). Calls are non-judgmental yet frank, and highly-personalized to your needs.

What's not included in the support plan:

  • Advanced web-design & SEO work - If you need help with major changes to the look or functionality of your site (changing themes, adding entire new sections, doing complete site redesigns, etc.), or fixing damages caused by third-party modifications to the site, we'll discuss that as a separate mini-project. Same with major SEO projects. What's considered "minor" or "major"? It depends, of course, I'll be honest with your about it when I think what you're asking goes outside of the scope of your website support plan.
  • Copywriting - While I have a pretty good understanding of the English language, I'm not a native English speaker. I'd be happy to do simple reviews of your page copy where needed, but I highly recommend you hire a dedicated copywriter if you need that kind of help. This article on my site lists a few pro copywriters that have experience with photography websites.

What happy website owners sound like:

"I found the most amazing support for my website. I couldn't be happier with the work that Alex provided. The speed with which things got done was also pretty impressive." - Rosanne Arnowitz

"My experience with Alex was fabulous. He works highly professional, competent, very friendly and supportive. I can recommend him to everyone. I am still happy about my choice, because I know that whenever I have something new to be adjusted on my site, I have his support. He is a gem in this business." - Rosa Frei

"Alex has built two sites for us, continues to provide outstanding IT support and we have no considerations whatsoever of going anywhere else with future website work we need carried out." - Nicholas Reid


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