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1-to-1 Consulting

I can answer any questions and give you strategic advice on how to grow your business and improve your photography website.

Especially when you're feeling overwhelmed, and you don't know what path to choose, or you're struggling with managing your website.

CLARITY is my middle name. I've seen and worked on hundreds of photography websites over time and know the ins and outs of most platforms and content management systems.

Author portrait I'm Alex Vita, I've been building photography websites for over seven years. (more about me)

My super-power: thinking outside the box and seeing the overall picture.

I use this skill to help photographers like you structure their websites and prioritize what needs to be done, aka figuring out the most impactful tasks instead of just doing thoughtless "busy" work.

You can ask me about:

  • Web-design & usability
  • Choosing platforms, tools, plugins
  • SEO and URL structure
  • Email marketing & newsletter optimization
  • Whether specific new ideas you have can be implemented or not
  • Setting up your blog or online store
  • Anything about WordPress
  • Google Analytics & Search Console
  • We can even do a live review of your site (basically browsing through every main section and commenting on what can be improved)

I don't do photo critiques. I was a photographer myself, but photography is an art, so it comes down to personal taste. And just because I know the business and technical aspects of running a website, doesn't mean I can judge your photographic work. But I can recommend companies that do that.

After our call, you also get:

  • a recording of our chat (to download and refer back to)
  • free access to the ForegroundWeb subscriber area
    (to download all of my free web-design and SEO resources)
  • an extra check-in via email after one week (to answer any follow-up questions you might have).

"Alex's understanding of building and maintaining websites is second to none. The internet is in safe hands with him." - Paul Barkley

"His quick, calm responses to sometimes frantic "I don't remember, I don't understand" questions were the reason my site was up and running so quickly." - Walt Marz

"His communication skills are excellent and supports his work with any required follow-up flawlessly." - Janalee Silvey