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  3. Some of these documents are PDF versions of my best articles (so you can print them or view them offline at your convenience), while others are exclusive bits of content written specifically for subscribers like you.
  4. On this page you can also get a sneak peak of some photography website teardowns that I did a while back (where I deconstructed and critiqued their design & functionality). You can now hire me to do a teardown for your own site.
  5. Don't forget that besides this subscriber area, you can also explore the Articles section. It's full of in-depth posts all about photography websites.
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Stay humble and keep working hard to make your photography business dreams a reality.
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60+ Photography website mistakes (PDF)

60+ Photography website mistakes (PDF) cover page

Let's shine some light on the mistakes that photographers often make on their websites. With straight-forward ideas and many examples & resources, this guide will get your site on the right track. Fix as many mistakes as possible to achieve photo website mastery!

All ideas are short and to-the-point (I didn't want to bore you with nonsense) and come with their own resources and solutions to help you eliminate any site problems.
The guide covers topics like image quality, SEO, design, navigation, keywords, testing, eCommerce, blogging, and much more. And it's all laid out in a simple fashion, with many examples and resources for inspiration and for a better understanding of the issues.
If you have a photography website, don't let it damage your business!

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SEO for photographers

Complete SEO training for photographers (PDF) cover page

Complete SEO training for photographers (PDF)

All my SEO-related content in one single PDF: everything you need to know about making Google happy

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On-site SEO checklist for every page or blog post (PDF) cover page

On-site SEO checklist for every page or blog post (PDF)

The essential SEO tasks that you need to cover when creating a new piece of content on your photography website

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Best SEO tools and resources (PDF) cover page

Best SEO tools and resources (PDF)

Before and after you work on your site's SEO, it's a great idea to run the site through a series of tools to know where you stand.

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Web-design tips and best practices for photographers (PDF) cover page

Web-design tips and best practices for photographers

Understand what makes a good photo website and learn what you can do to starting improving it today!

This 130+ page PDF includes all of my web-design tips, specifically tailored for photography websites.

With plenty of examples and links, this guide will give you all the inspiration you need to turn your website into a professional business-growing engine.

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About page checklist for photographers (PDF) cover page

About page checklist for photographers

Simple at first sight, there are a lot of details that go into building the perfect "bio" page. The process is quite challenging unless you have some guidelines in place.

You might have a hard time writing your bio because you're unfamiliar with your target audience, or because you're just starting out in the industry or in a particular niche and feel you have nothing interesting to write about.

Try this simple process to get ideas and eventually build your About page.

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Your images matter most (manifesto)

Your images matter most (manifesto) cover page

If you find yourself always seeking to make small tweaks to your photography website, please sit down, this is an intervention. Always a good time for a quick reality check.

Through working with so many photographers trying to build or improve their online presence, I started to see a pattern emerging. Most people are avid for quick & easy tricks for online success.

It's understandable. The internet is full of tips & tutorials, and FGW aims to become a trusted resource for you to build an amazing photo website. So writing this manifesto might seem counter-intuitive.

But I'm here to tell you that learning some SEO tactics or changing your site's background color are not the keys to building a better photography business. Posting your images on Facebook will also not magically get you to photography stardom.

Focus on the quality of your images. Learn to create epic content.

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You need a business plan, not just a website (PDF) cover page

You need a business plan, not just a website

A common pattern I see in emails from beginner photographers: you want to build a new photography website, as cheaply as possible, so you can get more people to hire you or buy your images. And fast.

So many ways in which that’s naive.

You’re basically expecting to launch a website that works on its own, and that will magically bring you more money. The old “build it and they will come” mentality.

I’m here to tell you that, unless you stop thinking like a hobbyist, you won’t be able to build a healthy photography business and get the results you want.

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Guidelines for working with a web-designer (PDF) cover page

Guidelines for working with a web-designer

Working with a great web-designer can totally super-charge your photography business. Learn how to build a good work relationship and provide effective feedback along the way.

I want to help you run your project smoothly, regardless of what designer you’ll be working with. Too many photographers have told me about awful experiences they’ve had in the past, the web-design service industry is clearly flawed.

This is my humble attempt to improve things a little, to help you better manage your work relationship with your designer or developer.

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Interviews with Alex Vita

PhotoBizX Podcast

Interview on the PhotoBizX Podcast:
"Everything you need for a successful photography website"

Andrew Hellmich (the host) and I covered a ton of useful topics:
- Why some photographers have the wrong mindset when it comes to SEO
- What user-experience (UX) is and how it related to SEO
- UX technical details (web-design best practices)
- UX intangible things (which are content- and photographer-specific stuff, this is the hard part)
- The abstract skills you need in business (awareness, empathy, courage)
- and a lot more...

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Interview on Togs in Business:
"Photography website user experience - how good is yours?"

Julie Christie (the host) and I shared a lot of ideas:
- Why photographers sometimes have the wrong mindset when it comes to SEO
- What user experience (UX) is & why it matters (“UX doesn’t trump SEO, it is SEO”)
- Differentiating yourself from the sea of amateurs out there
- Simplifying your navigation menu (and other types of navigation on your site)
- Small design details and typography best-practices
- and more...

Download Video (MP4, 600MB)

PhotoBizX Podcast

Interview on the PhotoBizX Podcast:
"How To Build A Photography Website That Converts Visitors To Clients"

Andrew and I covered a lot of interesting stuff:
- Why and how you website should be a marketing engine for your business
- Tips on improving your site’s Bio & Contact pages
- Working with WordPress and its SEO settings
- Rebuilding a new site from scratch vs. just improving your existing one
- Working with a web-designer or developer on your photo website
- and much more...

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Sprouting Photographer Podcast

Interview on the Sprouting Photographer Podcast:
"Your photography website as a multiplier of your work"

Bryan and I had a good chat about photography sites, and we covered a ton of important topics:
- What makes a good photography website
- Watermarking, and focusing on the user experience instead of image theft
- The importance of your About & Contact pages and why not to hide your contact info
- How to design your website galleries and improve your SEO by keywording your images
- Responsive design and how it improves a mobile user’s experience
- Organizing your homepage for first-time visitors
- Photography web-design trends

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Photography website teardowns

These are video screen recordings of me browsing through the websites and commenting on what I see. They include tens of tips that you can use on your own website. Or if you don’t have those particular website issues, you can at least understand some key concepts in web design, usability, SEO etc.

Small disclaimer: my spoken English is not perfect, I have not yet mastered the art of public speaking. So please excuse any babbling, stuttering or poor articulation. I’m trying my best & learning as I go :-)


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