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Photography business & website planning guides

Get this set of 3 digital workbooks to find the clarity you need
before building a strong online photography business.

Preview of the 3 business and website planning guides by Alex Vita from ForegroundWeb
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"How do I build a successful photography business and a strong online presence?"

Sounds familiar? Or maybe you're asking yourself:

  • "I know I need a (new) website, but don't know where to start"
  • "I'm overwhelmed with all the options of building a new site"
  • "I want a new website, but how can I make it stand out?"

You're not alone. The entire industry is saturated, it's harder than ever to get clients.

Differentiating yourself is the key to having a sustainable photography business. Otherwise, you're "planning to fail", as they say. You risk ending up in the same "bucket" with countless other amateurs out there building mediocre sites for themselves.

Whether you're just starting a new career in photography, or you're already an established photographer but are looking to build a new results-oriented website, it's critical to take some time to properly plan things out first.

Planning is what gives you clarity!

These 3 digital PDF workbooks (that you can also print out!) have a nice mix of "theory" and "homework", with dedicated pages for you to fill in your own photography business details & goals, website needs, content ideas & more.

Here's what you'll learn:

Business planning and positioning - Digital workbook cover

Why and how to treat photography as a business (and not just a passion)

Unless you're doing it as a hobby in your spare time, photography is a business. And you should start acting like a business owner.

Differentiating yourself – the key to having a successful photography business in today's saturated market

Without exaggerating, the solution is positioning, and I'll try to convince you why. You'll learn how to find a better niche and make your online presence unique.

How to define your target audience & photographer elevator pitch (and then use them on your site)

Learn to answer: "What do you do?" & "What makes you unique as a photographer?"and then how to leverage that information to improve your site.

Website planning and information architecture - Digital workbook cover

One single website or multiple sites?

Navigate this critical decision that can make your business life easier. Complete with examples from established photographers, SEO implications, and a few "tiebreakers" to help you make a decision.

Photography website planning guide: find the clarity you need before building a strong online business

If you're serious about it, dedicating some time to doing research and strategizing will really pay dividends in the long run. Otherwise, you'll just be running the proverbial "race to the bottom".

Information architecture for photographers: how to structure your site for optimal UX & conversions

Don't let your site template dictate how you structure your website. Learn how to create a sitemap that's useful for visitors and matches your business goals first.

Content and design planning - Digital workbook cover


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How to create a modern photography website and adapt it to recent industry changes

The over-population of the Internet demands simplicity and clarity. And the web industry is continually changing. Are you in for the ride?

Embracing minimalism on your photography website

Everything you need to know about simplifying your online websites: what minimalism is and isn't, benefits and best practices of going minimalist, plus a lot of examples of minimalist photography websites for your inspiration.

10 tips on improving the copywriting on your site

Copywriting should be an important puzzle-piece in your photography business. Yet many photographers neglect it and just throw some words onto the page.

Using call-to-action buttons to guide people through your photography website

One of the most under-utilized ways of improving your photography website, call-to-action buttons can encourage visitors to perform the actions you want them to take contacting you, booking a photo shoot, viewing your portfolio, etc.)

And much more:

The challenges of being your own boss, vertical vs. horizontal positioning, steps to differentiate your business, lessons learned working as a web-designer for photographers, navigation menus best-practices, organizing images into galleries, types of thumbnail grids, how to make your site trustworthy, choosing the right platforms, guidelines for working with a web-designer, and more...

What you'll get:

3 PDF workbooks
(over 240 pages in total, but don't worry, they're short & easy to read, with editable fields to take notes!)

Full lifetime access
across all your devices
(they look great on tablets, but
you can also print them)

Business planning and positioning for photographers - Guide preview in a binder

What's NOT included in these guides:

Although they touch on how to choose the right platform/tools for your new website, these guides focus on what to do BEFORE you build a website.

For anything to do with actually building your site (and anything that happens afterwards, like SEO and marketing), check out my Articles section for free education material.

The concepts in these planning guides will help you create a solid business foundation, and position you in a much better starting place (in terms of content, website user-experience, copywriting and positioning). This will, in turn, help all your future SEO and marketing efforts.

Without planning, you're just wasting time and effort.
Kind-of like this:

"I've never come across anything so clearly written and useful for building a top-rated photography website. After reading your PDF - I was like ALEX KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT I WANT IN MY WEBSITE!" - Meghan Maloney
"Alex, your super power in my opinion is your ability to take something technical and turn it into something even I understand and can apply to my own business." - Karolina Grabara
"Alex helped me greatly during the conceptual process, all the while understanding the market my work is geared for, and he made sure I stayed on track to keep the SEO gods happy. He basically laid out a road map." - Steve Greer
"Your able to write content that is so readable and understandable! It makes sense, is friendly and has personality. So genuine, honest and to the point!" - Tianna Jarrett-Williams

Your instructor

Author portrait

Alex Vita

ForegroundWeb is a cozy web design studio and educational website run by me, Alex Vita, on a mission to improve photography websites out there.

I help photographers grow their photography business with a stellar web presence, in 2 ways:

1. I build custom websites exclusively for photographers (with over ten years of experience, having worked on 300+ websites for photographers from 25 countries).

2. I teach photographers how to improve their business themselves through a ton of educational content (articles, newsletter, resources), website reviews, SEO reviews, and consulting & strategy calls.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions about these planning guides, or anything to do with your photography business or website. Happy to help!

Frequently asked questions

I prefer pen and paper. Can I print these out?

Absolute. Besides the fully-colored cover pages, the entire documents just have a regular white background, so they can be printed and placed in a binder, for some incredible hands-on planning sessions!

What if I am unhappy with these planning guides? Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?

I would never want you to be unhappy! If you go through them and try to implement some of the ideas, but feel that's not helping you, contact me within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. Constructive feedback welcome.

Can I access all the PDFs at once?

Yes! You can quickly jump to any of the guides you're interested in, depending on the state of your photography business. They're incredibly useful whether you don't have a website at all yet, or if you do have a site but not getting good results from it.

How long do I have access to the workbooks?

How does lifetime access sound? After buying, you have unlimited access to these 3 PDFs for as long as you like - across any & all your devices.

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