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Why Most Web Designers Mess Up Photography Websites

To have a great photography website, it’s not enough to have a jaw-dropping portfolio – you also have to present your work in the best possible way and collaborate with your designer to create a truly outstanding online presentation of your work.

Announcing Automated Print Fulfillment for WordPress
This marks the first time automatic print fulfillment is available to the community! The new print service will be available to all NextGEN Pro users.

The One-Hour Guide to SEO – Free 6-Part Video Series from Moz
Can you learn SEO in an hour? Surprisingly, the answer is yes, at least when it comes to the fundamentals. From Rand Fishkin, we present you with a six-part series of roughly ten-minute-long videos designed to deliver core SEO concepts. This short course is perfect for a wide range of people including beginner SEOs, clients, and team members.

PhotoShelter: We’re Listening To You. Here’s Our Roadmap.
Earlier this fall you heard about how we’re renewing our commitment to PhotoShelter. A key component of that commitment is building out a team dedicated solely to improving, expanding and evolving the PhotoShelter product in new, exciting ways. In the interest of transparency and open communication, I’ve decided to share this detailed view of what’s coming for PhotoShelter.

Wordfence vs Sucuri – Which One is Better? (Compared)
They are both highly recommended and incredibly helpful in keeping your WordPress site secure. This makes it hard for beginners to choose which one is right for them. While Sucuri and Wordfence have a lot of similar features, each has its own pros and cons.

What’s New in WordPress 5.3 (Features and Screenshots)
This release is packed with some new features and lots of improvements including a brand new default theme.

WordPress Photography Podcast – Episode 89 – Too Much WordPress Stuff?
So getting back to the comment on bloat, I agree that you shouldn’t add just anything because you can. I think you have to be smart about it. Be picky about it. But if you make the right choices, and test things first, there is minimal to no risk, and a heck of a lot of savings.

11 Google Fonts for your next design
Google Fonts offers designers a wide variety of typefaces to use for all their design purposes. As of May 2019, there are more than 900 fonts to choose from—which means you could spend days choosing the right one. We’ve highlighted 11 of them and showcased how they look in the wild. But it’s worth noting: the right typeface is contextual. Consider this a starting point for navigating the massive list of options in Google Fonts.

Common (beginner) mistakes in WordPress
WordPress, as a CMS, is great for people who are just starting with their first website. It doesn’t require users to write code, it’s SEO friendly and easy to manage. Still, there are a few mistakes many beginners make in WordPress. Actually, to be honest, these mistakes are not only made by beginners. That’s is why it’s time I shared a couple of common (beginner) mistakes in WordPress here.



The Photographer’s Guide to Branding and Marketing in a Distracted World
You’ve heard it before. To make it in this industry, you have to develop a unique personal brand. You need to make smart marketing and business decisions to push that brand forward. You must stand out and stand apart. But how do you start building an audience and attracting clients in an increasingly distracted and crowded climate?

6 Common Photo Marketing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them
Marketing for photographers is a bit of a minefield. Done well, it can elevate your profile to a global audience. Done poorly and it can consign you to the dustbin of obscurity. The fact is, that it’s easier to market your photography business badly than it is to do it well.

5 Top Tips for Marketing Your Photography Business Successfully
Marketing is something that often falls by the wayside for photographers. We push it aside when we’re busy, only to find the clients aren’t there when things slow down. The best marketing efforts are those that are organic and purposeful. There is no quick fix.


The business of Photography

Are You Creating Content That Is Completely Forgettable?
The digital world we live in is infested with content that is “same-same but different”. I have recently become obsessed with figuring out how to take the intersection of art and impact and build it out into a framework so that others can feel empowered to make a difference with their creativity.

What’s Your Best Motivational Advice For Emerging Photographers? Photoville 2019 Weighs In.
We encouraged everyone to answer one question: What’s your best motivational advice for emerging photographers? Notecards and markers were provided in the back of our container and the responses from Photoville attendees, volunteers and fellow photographers were overwhelming.

The great collapse of copyright
One of the foundations of photo agencies is to provide its customers with safe, secure, properly vetted visual content. In exchange for a fee, clients of photo agencies are offered images they can use in full blissful confidence. Or so you thought.

Do I Still Need a Photography Website in 2019?
Do you need a photography website in 2019? If nothing else, maintaining your own website mitigates risk that a platform change will short circuit your ability to reach your customers, and for professional photographers, maintaining a website is a small price to pay.

Have Camera, Will Travel: 40 Exciting Photography Workshops Happening in 2019 & 2020
No matter your specialty, background or budget, there’s an enthusiastic photography community out there ready to teach and help you reach your professional goals. Check out our list of 40 workshops and educational organizations below, organized by geographic location, with some workshops specifically highlighted that piqued our interest.

What to Do When Your Images Get Stolen
If you have had your images stolen, it’s up to you to decide if you want to pursue restitution. Small transgressions may not seem worth the time and energy, however, if someone is making money off your work, you may want to consider seeking compensation. Not only for the money but also the principle.

7 Best Photography Business Podcasts
There are plenty of podcasts out there that can help you take better photos, but what about those of us that want to build our photography businesses? Whether you are just starting out or looking for that extra boost to your established business, try these 7 photography business podcasts to get your business moving in the right direction.


Special mentions

A Radical Guide to Spending Less Time on Your Phone
It’s there: in your pocket. On the desk. In the cup holder of the car. You want to use it. Just grab it and alleviate the boredom or discomfort. Might as well check the headlines instead of struggling to type words on a blank screen. And why stay in this tense argument with your spouse when you can see what’s new on Instagram? “Hey, sorry buddy, I can’t play dinosaurs right now — I have to answer this email.”

Gina Milicia’s Podcast: Ep 265: A beginner’s guide to photography websites with guest Alex Vita
What should be on your photography website? We talk to Alex Vita, a website expert who specialises exclusively in websites for photographers. You’ll discover: whether you should be designing for mobile or desktop; what makes a website ugly, what fonts to use, your background colour, pixel dimensions, image curation, whether you should blog, and much more.

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