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The beginner’s choice: personal portfolio vs. social media profiles

As opposed to social media profiles, a website is an asset you can control, that you have copyright over.

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The case against background images in photography websites

Your website visitors should be drawn to your site because they love your images, so don't distract them with background images or textures.

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Photographer interview: Patricia Davidson

Learn from Patricia about the importance of looking professional online & her thoughts on what makes an effective photo website.

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Internet Explorer 6 usage is growing rapidly again

Updates on web browser market shire, and how Internet Explorer 6 impacts the way you build and mange your photography website. Happy April Fools' Day!

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Google penalizes non mobile-friendly websites

Understanding why Google started ranking mobile-friendly websites higher and what you can do to improve your photo website in Google's eyes.

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Interview on the PhotoBizX Podcast: “How To Build A Photography Website That Converts Visitors To Clients”

Andrew Hellmich from PhotoBizX talks with me about using your photography website as a marketing engine, improving your site's pages and SEO, working with a web-designer & much more.

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Interview on the Sprouting Photographer Podcast: “Your photography website as a multiplier of your work”

Bryan Caporicci and I discuss what makes a good photography website, responsive design, SEO, web-design trends & other important topics.

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One single SEO tip to rule them all

Make your website visitors happy, and it will be impossible not to rank well in search engines. Learn how to pay more attention to your audience.

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In-depth guide: The complete SEO guide for photographers: 50 tips to maximize your Google rankings & get found online

50 (yes, fifty) detailed SEO tips (all with examples & resources) for building a photo website that both users & Google will love! You will be learning SEO basics and more advanced tactics, how to avoid common SEO mistakes, how to increase conversion rates & promote your photography website online.

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Curated links #1

Here's some quality reading material to help you brush up on your web-design knowledge (and then take your photography website to the next level).

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In-depth guide: 15 best features of successful photo websites (and how to design yours)

Learn from successful photographers and follow these website ideas and best practices for building your own amazing photography website.

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How to work efficiently with a web designer on your photography website

Working with a great designer can totally super-charge your photography business, but it's important to have the right mindset.

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In-depth guide: The complete guide to building your amazing photography “About” page

Simple at first sight, there are a lot of details that go into writing the perfect "bio", so the process can become quite challenging unless you have some guidelines in place. Understand the best-practices of writing a clear & concise "bio" text, and get inspired from effective "About" page examples.

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12 quick actions you can do today to improve your photography website

Back to ForegroundWeb's core mission, let's get more practical and explore 12 simple ideas to upgrade your web presence.

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Photographer interview: Patrick Endres

Extraordinary in-depth interview with Patrick Endres on managing a successful multi-faceted photography business.

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Watermarking your images: Pros & Cons

Image watermarking is a game of preferences and compromises. Lets explore the top advantages and disadvantages.

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Photographer interview: Paul Kerins

A very insightful interview with Canadian photographer Paul Kerins, sharing his thoughts on photo websites & the industry.

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Photographer interview: Steve Greer

With experience in lifestyle and tourism photography, Steve is experimenting with new types of commercial projects.

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Photographer interview: Sébastien Mérion

He talks about managing his online presence, having bi-lingual sites, offering free wallpapers & the importance of a blog.

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Welcome to ForegroundWeb

The official launch of ForegroundWeb, the new place to get inspired and learn about photography websites.

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