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Photographer interview: Steve Greer

With experience in lifestyle and tourism photography, Steve is experimenting with new types of commercial projects.

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In-depth guide: Embracing minimalism in your photography website

Everything you need to know about minimalism, as applied to the design of photography websites: what minimalism is and isn't, benefits and best practices of going minimalist, plus a lot of examples of minimalist photography websites for your inspiration.

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The art of sequencing your portfolio & slideshow images

Learn to strategically arrange your print or web portfolio images for the most visual impact, plus notes from a photo editor.

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Best broken link checker tools for photographers

Broken links are frustrating visitors and sabotaging your search rankings. Use these free tools to find and fix them.

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Tracking internal site search in Google Analytics

Learn how to use Google Analytics to track what people on your site are searching for, and how to take advantage of this data.

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Photographer interview: Sébastien Mérion

He talks about managing his online presence, having bi-lingual sites, offering free wallpapers & the importance of a blog.

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In-depth guide: The photographer’s guide to email signatures

You've worked hard to create an awesome website to showcase your images, and you want as many visitors as possible. You might be overlooking one of the simplest promotion tools you have: the email signature. Here's what to include or not, best practices, resources & examples.

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Your images matter most, stop looking for shortcuts

Let's get this straight: CONTENT IS KING. Your photo website is just a magnifier of the quality of your images.

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ForegroundWeb is born

The official launch of ForegroundWeb, the new place to get inspired and learn about photography websites.

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