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50 curated articles to help you improve your online presence & SEO

It was about time I did another curated list of interesting articles from other sites. The last one I did (~7 months ago) contained 30 articles, you can read it here.

Now I’ve gathered even more for you. Some of these posts are new, some are older, but hopefully you’ll find them interesting and useful for your photography business.

Click on the titles to open those posts in a new browser tab.

Web-design tips & tools

4 Ways to Elevate Your Photo Website in Minutes (and Forget the Coding)
Interesting snippet: “Clients shouldn’t have to do a google search to discover who you are (or all the things you have done). Your website should essentially be hub for your online presence — linking to everything you want your clients to find.”

Can a Photo Service Be Used as Your Actual Photography Website?
Ever considered using 500px or Flickr as your sole online presence? This article explains why you need to get your own website if you’re serious about your work. Also, read this short thing I wrote I while ago about personal portfolios vs social media profiles.

13 features of any great photography portfolio website
Good round-up of important photography website details (with relevant examples). Similar to this popular article I wrote a while ago: 15 best features of successful photo websites (and how to design yours).

5 essential tips for a better website in 2016
Nothing you probably didn’t already know (speed, mobile-friendliness etc.), but it’s good to go over the basics again.

Things to Consider Before Creating a Business Website
Just like the title suggests, ask yourself some key questions before starting to (re)build your website.

10 Reasons Your Web Design Isn’t Working (And What to Do Instead)
An excellent list of tips (with examples) to improve your website’s design. Every website owner should read this.

7 Website Design Blunders that Will Make Visitors Run
Another good round-up of tips for improving your site’s design and usability.

Creating headers for your photography blog posts or newsletter with Canva
For creating any sort of share-able graphic (photo with a text overlay) without spending time in PhotoShop, Canva has become a popular tool. This article explores how photographers in particular can use Canva for their online presence.

3 Secrets of the Best Designed Websites in the World
A more advanced article on the critical pillars of any good website: user-friendliness, performance and visual impact.

How to Start a Photography Website
Useful steps to follow when creating your first website.

Typography tips for a more comfortable read
Excellent explanation of typography best-practices. All website owners should read this and then improve their site’s fonts.


Web-design trends

Posts about trends are always in trend :-) Heck, I even wrote a massive 2-part article on this topic as well. Here are some new ones to read to stay in touch with the web-design industry:

10 web design trends that ruled 2015

10 Web design trends you can expect to see in 2016

An Exhaustive Guide to the Web Design Trends of 2016

6 plugins to keep your WordPress site on-trend

12 Hottest Web Design Trends in 2016



19 Actionable Tips to Drive Traffic to Your New WordPress Site
The folks from WPBeginner always write very useful posts for WordPress users. This one is no exception, covering a lot of important ideas for getting more website traffic.

You’ll win with WordPress (infographic from WP Engine)
Some impressive stats about WordPress, showing why it’s the most popular website solution these days. View the infographic and be impressed.

The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Plugins (free eBook from WP Engine)
Nice free eBook from my hosting provider of choice. After reading this, also check out my curated list of plugins for photographers.

6 Plugins you Need for your Photography Website
“Need” is a strong word, but this is a good list of plugins nonetheless.

Getting Started with WordPress E-Commerce: A Beginner’s Guide
An excellent starting point for photographers looking to sell products on their WordPress-based site. 

4 Ways to Prevent Image Theft in WordPress
Great list of measures you can take to protect your images. 

13 Best Google Maps Plugins for WordPress
A round-up of good plugins for embedding Google Maps into your site. 

Best WordPress Themes for Creating Websites in 2015
Great WP themes to build your site upon. Nice to see some of my theme recommendation

Three Great Posts On All That’s New In WordPress Version 4.5
By now, you should have already updated your WordPress core version to 4.5+. Read this to learn the new features in WP. 

How to Customize Your WordPress Website’s CSS
All websites require some CSS customization, you can’t do it all from the theme options. I like using the “Simple Custom CSS” plugin

Spring Cleaning Tips For WordPress Optimization (free eBook from WP Engine)
Another quality guide from WP Engine. Goes well with my own “spring cleaning” article :-)



How do I get more traffic?
Very smart & straightforward about getting other websites to link back to your site. Everybody, read this!

WordPress SEO Checklist – 45 Tips for 2017
Impressive list of SEO tips. If you’re using WordPress, this is a must-read.

The Ultimate Guide to Off-Page SEO
In-depth article with everything you ever wanted to know about off-site SEO. 

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog With A Few Easy Optimizations
Some sensible tips for improving your site and getting more exposure. 

SEO Essentials: Helping Clients Find Your Photography Business Online
Nice 5-minute video about the importance of SEO for marketing your photography website. 

SEO Image Optimization – Everything You Need To Know
As the title suggests, this post covers ways to optimize your photos for SEO. 

How to Track Your Google Rank (hint:Incognito Isn’t Enough)
Stop Googling yourself and learn more accurate ways of finding your website’s position in Google search results. 

8 Old School SEO Practices That Are No Longer Effective
Excellent 13-minute video for dispelling some SEO myths. 

How Long Does Link Building Take to Influence Rankings?
Getting links back to your site doesn’t have immediate results. Learn how long it usually takes to see a rankings jump. 

Google Will Soon Label HTTP Websites as “Unsafe”
I’ve heard this “warning” for too long now. I wouldn’t worry about this for now, unless you have an eCommerce component on your site. 

Current SEO Advice For WordPress Users
Great SEO tips along with some interesting opinions (counter to popular beliefs). 

Does WordPress Site Speed Really Matter for SEO?
Understanding how much does performance play a role in Google’s algorithms. 

The Start-to-Finish Guide to Optimizing Your WordPress Blog Posts
Thorough instructions on using the Yoast plugin to optimize your posts, highly recommended. 

Yoast SEO vs All in One SEO Pack – Which is the Best WordPress SEO Plugin?
I’ve already cast my vote in the past (for Yoast), but read this comparison if you’d like a second opinion. 



What’s New with Instagram
A nice round-up of recently-added Instagram features. 

Facebook Instant Articles: Everything WordPress Users Need to Know
An explanation for what Facebook instant articles are & how to get started with them. 

Microsoft to Acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion (yes, that’s a “B”)
We’ll see how Microsoft can make the most of this. 

3 Podcasts You Should Be Listening to For Your Photography Business
And I’ll add PhotoBizX as a recommendation, some of the best interviews I’m listening to. 

A Step-By-Step Guide for Choosing the Right Squarespace Template
If WordPress is not your thing, Squarespace can also be a good solution for your site. Read this post to help choose a good template. 

4 Business Questions Every Photographer Should Be Able to Answer
It’s important to treat your photography work as a business and to be able to answer these tough questions. 

How Much Should Photographers Charge In 2016?
If you’re struggling to price your photography services, you don’t want to miss this post. It offers straightforward rates (or at least a range of prices) for many types of scenarios and niches. 

Profile: The Wedding Photographer
Inspiring article about a wedding photographer’s business journey. 

A Rapper Stole a Photo, and It’s More Complicated Than That
Great read. Getting down to the core of image licensing and copyright infringements. 

Assumptions You’re Making That are Killing Your Photography Business
It contains one of my favorites: “Assuming Having a Website Means People Visit It”.

13 Expert Photography Marketing Ideas That Are Crazy Simple
Try choosing a few marketing ideas that work well with your personality, and put them into action. 

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