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Watch 3 in-depth video reviews (screencasts) of photography websites

Many photographers have been taking me up on the offer to answer questions and do a site review for them. While I usually write down my notes & recommendations as text, this time I wanted to take a different approach. 

So I did video screen recordings of me browsing through the websites and commenting on what I see. I’m now sharing these videos with you for free.

The screencasts include tens of tips that you can use on your own website. Or if you don’t have those particular website issues, you can at least understand some key concepts in web design, usability, SEO etc.

Small disclaimer: my spoken English is not perfect, I have not yet mastered the art of public speaking. So please excuse any babbling, stuttering or poor articulation. I’m trying my best & learning as I go :-)


Ebourne Images site review (21 min)

George Vivanco site review (35 min)

Johnny’s Prague Photo Tours site review (17 min)
This video has some background noise, sorry about that.

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