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A different perspective on photography websites

Amazing websites built for you, quickly and affordably, so you can focus on running your photography business. Working with ForegroundWeb is all about distinctive quality and long-term thinking, through an array of web design & development services for your photo website.


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Benefit 1

Build personalized websites

Tired of predefined themes that everybody uses?
A tailored website (on top of powerful blogging and image management platforms) can increase your online visibility, look more professional, and better promote (and sell) your work.
Consider FGW to be your personal tailor.

Benefit 2

Explore creative solutions

Sure, you can hire low-level designers and developers, but they usually just follow instructions and don't really try to understand and solve your real problems.
We try to know your audience, your business goals, your needs, and dig in to find more strategic design solutions.

Benefit 3

Expand your knowledge

If you're just starting out, your comfort zone is slim.
We can also provide some insight into topics like: business planning, differentiation, defining your USP, market research, digital photo workflow, photo editing etc., or point you in the right direction to learn more.

Benefit 4

Focus on core features

We pay attention to "site fashion", but color themes, social media buttons and plugins come and go.
Clarity, hierarchy, speed and ease-of-use will also be required in 10 years though,
great design is the art of reduction.

Benefit 5

Get results

Website visitors, images/products sold, image searches (and other business metrics) -
all tracked and optimized-for.

Benefit 6

Think long-term

We could be doing a site redesign now, but in a few years we can also collaborate on another project/product,
we'll be here when you need help.

Benefit 7

Collaborate easily

We know clear communication is important to get the message across,
we try to really listen.

Benefit 8

Save time

You probably want more time to do what you love, instead of learning web design.
Working on your website will get the deserved attention (we avoid over-scheduling), so things progress quickly, with frequent status updates.

Benefit 9

Save even more time

We try to make your life simpler after launching your site,
so you can quickly update it when fresh content is available
(no coding, no technical stuff, no too many steps for small tasks).

Benefit 10


Need any help or just want an opinion?
We strive to get back to you within 24 hours.

Benefit 11

Top-level support

Have any problems with the site?
Don't hesitate to contact us, we'll try to get it off your hands as soon as possible.
We also do routine checks ourselves.

Benefit 12


We love what we do, so we go the extra mile in our work.
"Impossible" problems are only thrilling challenges.

How we can help photographers

Images matter most. Our services make them shine!


Theme set-up & customization

Development(Responsive, works on mobile devices, no flash)

PhotoShelter(Certified Consultant)

"White hat" SEO(reviews, recommendations, changes)

Social Media Customization

Content Management(WordPress & others)


User-experience reviews

Performance & cross-browser testing

& hosting

Branding, identity, logo design(Business cards, brochures etc.)

customer support

Contactable as much as reasonably possible
(quick emails, skype, phone)

You always have a one-on-one relationship with ForegroundWeb in all phases of a project, so we can really focus on each task at hand.

You'll have our on-going support
once you become our client,
making sure we're always
here to help.

All (re)design projects include

- 1 hour of phone/skype consultancy
- detailed on-site SEO review and changes
- instructions/recommendations on how to update content
- resources as needed (help pages, suggested reading)
- flexibility to go back & forth with changes
- .com domain and 1-year free hosting if needed

Contact FGWEB
for a free quote

PhotoShelter manual customization

Harness the full power of PS by using manual customization.
ForegroundWeb can help you:
- Customize/Modify existing PhotoShelter themes
- Design a PhotoShelter portfolio site from scratch
- Seamlessly integrate PhotoShelter pages into existing websites
- Integrate PhotoShelter with Wordpress / Graph Paper Press

Get a PhotoShelter discount
(14 days free & 50% off the first month)

Photography website examples

  • Alaska Photographics homepage redesign with custom slider preview
  • Patitucci Photo website design and PhotoShelter integration preview
  • George Vivanco wedding photography custom design preview
  • Jeff Schultz Photography custom photography website preview
  • Steve Greer Photography portfolio custom website preview
  • Headshot Photos Canada photography WordPress website preview (design makeover)
  • Alps Insight website with trips filter preview
  • Sebastien Merion Photography multi-language website development and PhotoShelter integration

A word about costs

ForegroundWeb doesn't work on an hourly basis, we are not selling time.
We work on a per-project basis & try to focus on the quality of the work, instead of rushing things, while offering affordable prices.

A new website can cover a large range of elements, it depends a lot on how you'll be using it, what your target audience is and many other things, so there's no clear-cut price list, but what you invest in your project is worth the value you can expect from our services.

We breakdown your project costs and calculate the time needed to finish your website/tasks,
and once sent, a quote can be adjusted to your budget by adding or removing functionality as needed.
Once accepted (and so long as nothing major is further requested), the price never alters, there are no "surprises" or hidden costs, we want to have an up-front and honest working relationship.

Don't hesitate to request a free quote by email or schedule a phone/skype chat to talk about your project:

Contact FGWEB

150+ happy clients
across the world

from photo enthusiasts to full-time pros & large agencies

Responsive photography website examples in various devices
Photography website client example 1

Under Alex's guidance, something I'd been dreading became kind of fun. The new site he designed has been a huge success for my business.

Glenn DaidoneGlenn Daidone

Architecture and Fine Art
Photography (US)
Photography website client example 2

Alex added value at every step of our project, and we soon came to trust his skill, creativity and clear, concise communications. He produced a stellar site for Loop Images within our budget and timeframe.

Paul MortlockPaul Mortlock

Loop Images Agency
(London, UK)
Photography website client example 3

Alex priced competitively and then delivered in spades! He has built 2 sites for us, continues to provide outstanding IT support and we have no thoughts whatsoever of going anywhere else with future website work.

Nicholas ReidNicholas Reid

Showglow Pix
(Melbourne, Australia)
Photography website client example 4

Alex is thorough, responsive and timely in his creative work. I appreciated his visual and code suggestions that were backed by solid experience in the web-world.

Patrick EndresPatrick Endres

Alaska Photographics
(Alaska, US)
Photography website client example 5

I highly recommend Alex for web design and SEO,
he is very easy to work with, listens to your ideas and then brings them to completion.

Sandy CalderbankSandy Calderbank

Scalder Photography
(Asheville, NC, US)
Photography website client example 6

I've had the pleasure of working with Alex on a couple of my sites now and have been really happy with the results. He understands what I want and carries it out flawlessly and quickly.

David ColemanDavid Coleman

Photography website client example 7

Good eye, great attention to detail, he goes the extra mile and is just all around pleasant to work with. He can make all the bells and whistles in PhotoShelter work spectacularly.

Sue LowerySue Lowery

Ron Lowery Aerial, Assignment & Stock Photography
(Harrison, TN, US)
Photography website client example 8

I've worked with Alex on a number of web projects over the last few years, each having different creative and technical challenges, but Alex ensured that we get to a solution. It was a pleasure and a learning experience for me, to say nothing of a fun collaboration.

Adam StoltmanAdam Stoltman

Photography (US)
Photography website client example 9

I needed my PhotoShelter website to seamlessly match my portfolio website. He was great at communicating with me so he could understand what my vision was for this project and really did an outstanding job.

Greg KahnGreg Kahn

(Washington, DC, US)