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Free eBook: 60+ Photography Website Mistakes Want to know what website mistakes photographers are making & how to fix them?

Let's shine some light on mistakes that photographers make online. With straight-forward ideas and tens of examples & resources, this 80-page PDF eBook will get your photography website on the right track. Fix as many of them as possible to to build an amazing site!

The PDF will be emailed to you within the hour. You will also be subscribed to the ForegroundWeb Newsletter and get free recent articles, thought-provoking ideas & curated news and links, all about photography websites.

"One of the best looking, easy to read and well laid out practical ebooks I've seen."

"Thank you for the 60 Website Mistakes PDF! Most useful free content I've used in a long time!"

60+ Photography Website Mistakes ebook front cover 60+ Photography Website Mistakes ebook front cover 60+ Photography Website Mistakes ebook front cover

Upon launching ForegroundWeb, I wanted to start off with a bang, to create something valuable for you (the readers here) right from the beginning.

In my years of experience with building photo websites, I have gathered a comprehensive list of mistakes being done and put them together in this free guide for anyone to use. It’s my attempt to help you improve your photography website and make you more successful, covering all the most important details you need to know. You can draw a lot of inspiration from it, helping you use your website and a marketing engine for your photography products and services.

60+ Photography Website Mistakes ebook front cover

Written by me, Alex Vita (founder & writer here at ForegroundWeb). I'm a professional designer & developer, working exclusively with photographers around the world. I've gathered experience from over 200 web-design projects for beginner photographers, established pros and photo agencies.


All ideas expressed in the eBook are short and to-the-point, and come with their own resources and solutions to help you eliminate any website problems. While some issues require very simply fixes, as you’ll probably see, it won’t be an easy task. You’re probably doing some mistakes that will require you to rethink your whole strategy, to try to get a more complete picture of your work, of your goals for the website. And that’s a great thing!

So what topics are covered? It offers advice on:

  • what platforms, templates and technologies to use
  • tips on photography domains (names, permalinks, redirects)
  • popular web-design trends and ways to make your photo website modern
  • critical elements to avoid
  • image quality and optimization tips
  • creative ways to organize and simplify your navigation
  • strategies to make your site more appealing and trustworthy
  • common web-design problems that can affect your SEO
  • the importance of blogging, email newsletters, analytics & many more

The eBook includes examples and screenshots from almost 50 photography websites out there, along with links to other relevant resources & tools online.

60+ Photography Website Mistakes ebook front cover 60+ Photography Website Mistakes ebook front cover 60+ Photography Website Mistakes ebook front cover

Some of the tips have quick solutions, while others require you to rethink everything, but together they should give you a complete picture of what it takes to build a great photography website.

Best of all, this eBook was designed to be viewed well on an iPad too, and is completely free. All you have to do is to subscribe to the blog newsletter and you’ll receive the PDF by email within the hour.

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