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Nice to meet you!

ForegroundWeb location map

ForegroundWeb is based in Bucharest (Romania),
and works internationally with clients from over 20 countries.

Frequently asked questions

Who am I talking to?

ForegroundWeb is founded & run by Alex Vita, he's your contact person.
Even with a larger staff in the near future, you'll always have a one-on-one communication, no big agency bullsh*t.

Do you prefer email or phone/skype?

Email is preferable, because it's a passive interaction, it doesn't interrupt any work in progress. Productivity is very important, and calls/chats/meetings are actual interruptions which can be avoided in most cases.
Obviously if you have any urgent issue to discuss by phone/skype, that becomes our top priority, and you can contact as at +40 (743) 030 992 or alex.vitza on Skype, but in most cases email exchanges are more than enough.

What info do you need for a website?

Glad you asked. Here's our "Project Kickstarter" form to help define the key details of your web-design project. Please take a little time to answer the questions there, and we'll then get back to you a cost & time estimation for the work involved, and/or any follow-up questions we might have.

Can you start tomorrow?

Probably not. Projects are sometimes booked a few of weeks in advance, and over-booking is the enemy, so we can keep high quality & timely responses.

How much does a project cost?

Not that much (and we try to work within your budget), but there isn't a specific list of project costs, it depends on your specific needs. Read how we price our work or contact us for a free quote.

Can you copy a specific website I like?

Besides the obvious copyright infringement implications, is it really a good idea?
A unique design is what sets a photographer/business apart, tailored to its own goals and personality.

Do you do non-photography projects?

We intentionally only focus on photography-related work, it's our passion. So unless it's something adjacent (illustration, painting & other creative arts), we're probably not a good fit.
But you could contact us anyway, we might be able to recommend someone good.