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Honest web-design services to help you build a thriving photography business!

About Foreground Web

ForegroundWeb is a one-man cozy web-design studio, on a mission to iMprove photo sites out there.

If you run a photography website or blog, you're probably looking for more clients
and better ways to professionally showcase and sell your photography work.
You also know that a great website can help you find work and raise your prices over time, like a marketing engine.

But what's the purpose of it all?
You want the freedom to do what you love, to infuse your personality into MORE MEANINGFUL photo projects.

Splashing a coat of paint on a half-baked site theme won't cut it anymore,
there are millions of hobbyists already doing just that.
ForegroundWeb wants to give you the clarity & tools to differentiate yourself.

Doing "okay", but know things could be better?

Although on the verge of expanding to a team, ForegroundWeb plans to always offer affordable services and a personal connection with you (collaboration & "hand-holding" have become part of the work), so you never feel lost in the shuffle. No big-agency crap!

Need more advanced changes on your photography site? overwhelmed with technical aspects?
Working with ForegroundWeb is all about a clear, productive & fun collaboration to improve your online presence,
to get your site customized & launched smoothly.

Benefits of working with FGWEB Design & development services Great results so far

Being booked fast, but always looking for new creative photo website projects.
Would you like to talk?

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ForegroundWeb  is  Alex Vita

Alex Vita - Founder of Foreground Web 25 Up and Coming Indie Entrepreneurs to wathc in 2015 - Alex Vita from ForegroundWeb

Hello there, I'm Alex - the creator & writer here, and ForegroundWeb is my honest attempt to improve the foreground of photography: websites.

I have a degree in Computer Science, but I'm mostly self-taught, low-tempered, optimistic, and overly-passionate about playing tennis (and watching Federer).
I live in Bucharest (Romania, GMT+3) with my much better half & our tail-chasing cat.

I've started out years ago with photography myself, been through the struggles of finding work, even shot a couple of weddings, had my own portrait studio, learned to build photo websites through firsthand trial-and-error. Since then I've been a successful freelancer, gathering experience from over 200 projects, both small and large (especially dedicated to PhotoShelter members), everything from beginner photographers to full-time pros and large agencies.

I've made my share of mistakes, but pushed all the way through and learned a lot out of all the experience. This website is my solution to help creative photographers with the technical but important task of building & improving their website.

I'm also a proud PhotoShelter Certified Consultant since 2011, and was featured in an in-depth article on the official PhotoShelter blog. I was also featured in Fizzle's list of 25 Up-and-coming entrepreneurs to watch in 2015.

Say Hello
Photography web-design testimonial 1

Under Alex's guidance, something I'd been dreading became kind of fun. The new site he designed has been a huge success for my business.

Glenn DaidoneGlenn Daidone

Architecture and Fine Art
Photography (US)
Photography web-design testimonial 2

Alex helped me greatly during the conceptual process, all the while understanding the market my work is geared for, and he made sure I stayed on track to keep the SEO gods happy. He basically laid out a road map.

Steve GreerSteve Greer

(Lumberton, New Jersey, US)
Photography web-design testimonial 3

Even way past completion of my website, at a time when he could have ignored my questions, Alex not only helped me to sort out issues with the design but always answered very quickly and efficiently.

Matthieu PaleyMatthieu Paley

Paley Photo
Photography web-design testimonial 4

Alex is my go-to guy for anything web related. His understanding of building and maintaining websites is second to none. The internet is in safe hands with him.

Paul BarkleyPaul Barkley

LookPro Sports Photography Agency
Photography web-design testimonial 5

The advises, the creativity of his work and his follow ups are fantastic! The outcome for my website from stage one till now through his help is mind blowing.

Sarah AlsayeghSarah Alsayegh

Photography web-design testimonial 6

Alex offered creative and thoughtful design solutions, and met all my deadlines. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a talented professional to design/develop your web site.

Diane MooreDiane Moore

(Aspen, Colorado, US)
Photography web-design testimonial 7

Alex maintains a high and very welcome level of quality, dependability, affordability and creativity. He stands out in all the many, many half-ass and mediocre companies out there.

Marian KrausMarian Kraus

(Chicago, US, born in Czechoslovakia)
Photography web-design testimonial 8

Alex is very detailed and being a photographer himself gives him a thorough insight into the needs of a Pro Photography website. He is great to communicate with and extremely knowledgeable about websites.

Tammy D. ReynoldsTammy D. Reynolds

(Ft Worth, Texas, US)
Photography web-design testimonial 9

I've worked with Alex on a number of web projects over the last few years, each having different creative and technical challenges, but Alex ensured that we get to a solution. It was a pleasure and a learning experience for me, to say nothing of a fun collaboration.

Adam StoltmanAdam Stoltman

Photography (US)
Photography web-design testimonial 10

I needed my PhotoShelter website to seamlessly match my portfolio website. He was great at communicating with me so he could understand what my vision was for this project and really did an outstanding job.

Greg KahnGreg Kahn

(Washington, DC, US)
Photography web-design testimonial 11

Working with Alex was the best choice ever, because I know that whenever I have something new to be adjusted on my site, I have his support. He is a gem in this business.

Rosa FreiRosa Frei

Rosa Frei Photography
(Ouarzazate, Morocco)

Need a powerful & flexible solution for your photo website?

Having used and tested it for many projects, ForegroundWeb loves PhotoShelter, it's a no-brainer: photographers get great image management, easy selling and pricing of images, amazing customizable themes (just to name a few).

PhotoShelter's manual customization mode allows "modelling" this powerful platform into specific designs, allowing to properly target your audience and get that exact look-and-feel you want.

We also recommend PS for its great attitude and support: they listen to their active community and keep coming back with improvements (planned around member's needs).

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About this site...

After a lot of planning and writing, my brain-child (this website) was born. It took a lot of time & energy out of me, but seeing it launched was magical. Can't wait to see what the future holds!

The site is fully responsive, so it will (try to) adapt to any device or screen size.
Designed & developed using: Sublime Text, Prepros, Adobe PhotoShop CC, WordPress
Planning & scheduling: TeuxDeux, Readdle Calendars, WorkFlowy
Images: personal collection & from
Fonts: Hoefler & Co. type foundry (Whitney for text & logo, Sentinel for headlines)

Other great resources:
WPEngine - WordPress hosting
YNAB - financial budgeting
Fizzle - business training
Dropbox - well, you know what this does :-)
Feedly - best RSS feed reader
BackBlaze - unlimited online backups
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