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Useful website tips and articles for ambitious photographers

8 quick wins to improve your photography website this year (preview image)

8 quick wins to improve your photography website this year

It's time to grow your business by making some important (but often neglected) changes to your photo website.

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Q&A – January 2016 (preview image)

Q&A – January 2016

The struggles of starting out and getting traffic, thoughts on pop-ups, homepage layouts, flash websites and more...

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Branching out: getting a separate photography domain or keeping it all on the same website? (preview image)

Branching out: getting a separate photography domain or keeping it all on the same website?

This is a common pain point for photographers (with multiple specialties), and it's a game of compromises...

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The new ForegroundWeb monthly Q&A – answering your questions about photography websites, business, SEO & more… (preview image)

The new ForegroundWeb monthly Q&A – answering your questions about photography websites, business, SEO & more…

Having gotten a lot of great questions from photographers over the years, I'm sharing my answers to some of the best ones.

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Navigation menu best‑practices for photography websites (preview image)

Navigation menu best‑practices for photography websites

All-important recommendations for building a clear & effective navigation menu, with examples along the way.

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Photographer interview: Patricia Davidson (preview image)

Photographer interview: Patricia Davidson

Learn from Patricia about the importance of looking professional online & her thoughts on what makes an effective photo website.

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ForegroundWeb loves exploring creative & technical solutions for your photography website, focusing on honest collaboration, clarity and getting results for your business.
We value simplicity and we love working with passionate photographers.
Understanding the big picture and paying attention to small details are both critical, we try to practice them every day.
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ForegroundWeb offers affordable and effective web-related services to build or improve your online photography presence, regardless if you're an amateur photographer just starting out, or a large photo agency looking to better target your audience.
Anything from full brand & website redesigns to small theme tweaks & SEO reviews.
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Using PhotoShelter on your website?

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PhotoShelter is a popular photo management system
with archiving, image delivery, website & business tools.
We highly recommend them for easily
showcasing & selling your images.
Give PhotoShelter a try
We offer consultancy for... anything really,
and manual customization services for their themes,
creating personalized websites that reflect
your personality and work style.
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Responsive photography website examples in various devices
Photography web-design example 1

Alex did an awesome job on designing my new site. As a photographer my website is an important tool to showcase my work and I can only recommend his work skills for anyone looking for an affordable way to get the best out of a website.

Sven DoornkaatSven Doornkaat

(Malibu, CA, US)
Photography web-design example 2

Alex helped me greatly during the conceptual process, all the while understanding the market my work is geared for, and he made sure I stayed on track to keep the SEO gods happy. He basically laid out a road map.

Steve GreerSteve Greer

(Lumberton, New Jersey, US)
Photography web-design example 3

He takes great care at getting the finer details right, as well as looking at the big picture, I've already gone back to Alex for a couple of projects. My site's functionality and inbound traffic has doubled ever since Alex handled the redevelopment.

Patrick KhachfePatrick Khachfe

Onside Images
Sports Photo Agency (UK)
Photography web-design example 4

Alex added value at every step of our project, and we soon came to trust his skill, creativity and clear, concise communications. He produced a stellar site for Loop Images within our budget and timeframe.

Paul MortlockPaul Mortlock

Loop Images Agency
(London, UK)
Photography web-design example 5

Alex has been a great help to me dealing with the design and management of a new web site (at 85 it was a steep learning curve). His quick, calm responses to sometimes frantic "I don't remember, I don't understand" questions were the reason my site was up and running so quickly.

Walt MarzWalt Marz

Photos From Marz
(New Jersey, US)
Photography web-design example 6

Alex priced competitively and then delivered in spades! He has built 2 sites for us, continues to provide outstanding IT support and we have no thoughts whatsoever of going anywhere else with future website work.

Nicholas ReidNicholas Reid

Showglow Pix
(Melbourne, Australia)
Photography web-design example 7

The advises, the creativity of his work and his follow ups are fantastic! The outcome for my website from stage one till now through his help is mind blowing.

Sarah AlsayeghSarah Alsayegh

Photography web-design example 8

Alex is thorough, responsive and timely in his creative work. I appreciated his visual and code suggestions that were backed by solid experience in the web-world.

Patrick EndresPatrick Endres

Alaska Photographics
(Alaska, US)
Photography web-design example 9

Alex's attention to detail, creativity, patience (with me), and professionalism is a guarantee he will be my web designer for years to come.

Erin Paul DonovanErin Paul Donovan

ScenicNH New England
Stock Photography
(Loncoln, NH, US)
Photography web-design example 10

Alex maintains a high and very welcome level of quality, dependability, affordability and creativity. He stands out in all the many, many half-ass and mediocre companies out there.

Marian KrausMarian Kraus

(Chicago, US, born in Czechoslovakia)
Photography web-design example 11

I highly recommend Alex for web design and SEO,
he is very easy to work with, listens to your ideas and then brings them to completion.

Sandy CalderbankSandy Calderbank

Scalder Photography
(Asheville, NC, US)
Photography web-design example 12

His communication skills are excellent and supports his work with any required follow-up flawlessly. The value he provides makes him an asset to our small agency/business.

Janalee SilveyJanalee Silvey

Pixelate Ltd.
Photography & Design (US)